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Opera Bar

Opera Bar


You’ll find the Opera Bar on the second floor, above the main entrance. The Opera Bar opens 2 hours before Main Stage performances. The kitchen closes 40 minutes before the performance starts.

“The Opera Bar has its own head chef and offers a fantastic menu, including the Swedish classic open-faced prawn sandwich. We also have a special wine menu which includes several unusual wines served by the glass. Many of the wines are organic or biodynamic”, says Ousainou Mbye, head waiter and sommelier of The Göteborg Opera.

If you’d like something to eat during the break all you need to do is place an order with us before the curtain call. If you’d prefer to just have something to drink you can of course order this at the bar at any time.

You can pre-order your shrimp sandwich at the Opera Bar for the intermission. Pre-ordering is available now  via our form for table reservations or by calling the restaurant at +46-31-131300. Payment is due at the time of the performance at the Opera Bar.
If you only want to order something to drink, you can do so directly at the bar.

The Opera Bar has 40 bookable seats for diners before the performance on the main stage. Reservations can be made via our form for table reservations or our booking service on tel. 031-131300

The Opera Bar is not open to the public on premiere evenings.


Before you order your food and drinks, please speak to a member of our staff if you have a food allergy or intolerance.

A place where you can eat with a clear conscience

Since its inception, the Göteborg Opera Restaurant has placed a clear emphasis on developing its environmental philosophy. The environmental work performed has now been affirmed by the most prestigious environmental certification - the Nordic Ecolabel.

The Nordic Ecolabel applies to all operations managed by the Göteborg Opera Restaurant: the restaurant itself, the cafés, bars, kitchen and staff canteen. The Nordic Ecolabel takes into account the entire life cycle of the restaurant operations, from the purchase of raw goods to waste management and everything in between. This means that the food served at The Göteborg Opera is organic and Fair Trade certified, that the cleaning products in the kitchen are the very best from an environmental standpoint and that the use of electricity is controlled and comes from 100% renewable sources.

Inspiring events in a unique atmosphere

Are you looking for something special for your next customer or staff event? The Opera Bar and all the opportunities it offers may just be the answer.

The Opera Bar is in a beautiful location, has an exclusive décor and is spacious enough to accommodate up to 200 guests, making it ideal for After Work, anniversaries, formal receptions and exclusive VIP events.

We offer you a world of possible activities to choose from - why not enjoy your pre-dinner drink here while being entertained by musical interludes featuring internationally renowned Göteborg Opera musicians or soloists. If you would like to include a presentation in your event everything we provide a small stage, sound and microphone equipment and a screen. Our kitchen uses local produce wherever possible and organic alternatives are available. Our aim is for you to enjoy a spectacular event - everything we do, from food and drink to service and attitude is first class.

Let us know exactly how you would like your event to be and we will tailor it to fit your wishes. We look forward to seeing you!

The Opera Bar offers:

  • space for up to 200 people
  • beverages and light meals
  • performances by soloists and musicians
  • a Master of Ceremonies and/or performers
  • sound and microphone equipment
  • the possibility to show images, films and presentations
  • guided tours in several languages
  • talks about the performing arts

With reservation for price changes

Contact us

Christina Nilssons Gata, 411 04 Göteborg
Telephone (switch) 031–10 80 00
Ticket office & Restaurant 031–13 13 00

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