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Menu Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night Menu

5 January 2021

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Restaurant, before the concert
995 kr

Amuse bouche
Artichoke with smoked smetana and whitefish roe

King crab with pickled fennel, trout roe, soy emulsion, water cress and green sea butter

Main course
Charred back of deer with cheese croquette, roasted pumpkin puré, lemon-infused pumpkin, pickled white onion and mushroom jus

Whipped raspberry bavaroise with chocolate and caramel ganache, frozen raspberry mousse, bramble crème and almond crisp

Twelfth Night buffet in the Opera Bar
695 kr

Morel soup with crispy smoke-cured sausage

Blinis with whitefish roe, sour cream and red onion
Grilled flank steak with pepper bearnaise
The Opera’s luxurious shellfish cake topped with smoked trout roe
Asian side of salmon with soy emulsion and pickled fennel
Blackened back of deer with pumpkin crème and lemon infused pumpkin
Triple onion pie with cheddar cheese crème
Cheese croquettes
Caesar salad with croutons
Creamy potato salad
Tomato and feta cheese salad
Bread roll with butter and cheese

Mini crème brûlée
Whipped raspberry bavaroise

Restaurant, after the concert

Cauliflower and truffle soup with butter fried wild mushrooms and herb salad
SEK 249

Charcuterie and cheese board with olives and bread
SEK 249

The Opera’s shrimp sandwich on organic Danish rye bread with horse-radish mayonnaise
SEK 219

Bookmaker on butter fried bread with Dijon crème, egg yolk, horse-radish and chips
SEK 269

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