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Theatre- and dance work by ALAN LUCIEN ØYEN

Kodak, trailer
“Kodak is dedicated to Mom, and to all mothers - the real Icons that never look down on us.”Alan Lucien Øyen

Alan Lucien Øyen has the rare ability to free an audience from time and place, and transport them to a magical, enchanting universe. In 2015 he created If we shadows have offended for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani; a critically acclaimed dream play in which the dancers were also praised for their acting and singing.

His new creation Kodak asks the questions: What are our dreams are made of? How are we affected by our desperate desires to be like the icons of our time? What do we become when our icons fall? The audience is faced with fragments of memories and glimpes of past-times, as if flicking through an old photo album.


Alan Lucien Øyen
Mats Bäcker

Kodak exists in the hazy boundary between childhood and adulthood, fantasy and reality, safety and danger. We see brands with hidden messages, gleaming white, toothpaste-ad smiles, melancholy film music, American studio stars from the 50s to the 80s. The story takes place in a warped dream world, where nothing is as it first seems.

Alan Lucien Øyen is Artist in Residence and in-house choreographer with the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet and the creative force behind his own company Winter Guests.

Kodak is a theatre and dance piece with dialogue in English. It has been developed in close collaboration with Daniel Proietto, Fernando Melo, Pascal Mosselmans, Yvonne Øyen and dancers from the company.

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