If we shadows have offended

If we shadows have offended


Trailer, 'If we shadows have offended'
An elegant and clever, comical and evocative equilibrium between acting and movement
- Dagens Nyheter

In Norweigian chorographer and director Alan Lucien Øyen's If we shadows have offended, the dancers impress us with their acting in a touching story about nostalgia, being lost and what it means to not grow up. In this creation, we find references to the Peter Pan Syndrome, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and more. The dialogue is in English.

Alan Lucien Øyen

Alan Lucien Øyen's work as a director, choreographer and dramatist has met with great acclaim both in Norway and abroad. Last year, he received the Norwegian Hedda Award for his five and a half hour drama Coelacanth, which he created for the Norwegian national Opera & Ballet where he is choreographer in residence. He runs his own company, Winter Guests, and been awarded numerous international prizes also for his choreographies.

The imagination does not provide answers to the big questions, but can make them infinitely exquisite
- Svenska Dagbladet
Actor Kate Strong talks about working with Alan and the company
My pieces are often about our fear of death. A fear which becomes more intense when your own parents are dead and you're next in line. We also live in a society where many people are afraid to grow up. Neverland has grown out of my wish to explore the Peter-Pan complex: what does it mean to never grow up?
Alan reads a piece he wrote as inspiration for "If we shadows have offended"


Choreography, Set Design and Text – Alan Lucien Øyen
Assistant Choreographer – Daniel Proietto
Dramaturgy and text – Andrew Wale
Costume Design – Stine Sjøgren
Ligthing Design – Martin Flack
Sound Design – Gunnar Innvær
Guest artist – Kate Strong

World premiere 14 March 2015

GöteborgsOperans Danskompani

Music – Michael Andrews, Dustin O’Halloran, Frédéric Chopin and others
Dialogue in English.

Both text and choreography has been developed with input from and in close collaboration with the dancers.

Length – 90 min
Dancers – (12 male, 1 female)

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