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Published 20 April 2018

Regarding our collaboration with director Peter Konwitschny

In connection to the preparatory rehearsal of the opera Boris Godunov on Tuesday, April 17, there was a conflict between Peter Konwitschny and co-workers around the stage. Konwitschny acted in a manner which contravenes with the Göteborg Opera's view regarding how we work together and how to express oneself among co-workers. The following day, the project management had a conversation with him, and the management at the Göteborg Opera chose to terminate the cooperation.

Christina Björklund, CEO of Gothenburg Opera:

"At the Göteborg Opera, we are used to strong emotions. This is a house where one is allowed to be angry, have conflicts and to make mistakes. But there is a limit to where a behavior towards co-workers becomes unacceptable. In this case, we could not afterwards reach a mutual understanding concerning the gravity of the situation. Therefore, we chose to terminate the cooperation. Now we look forward to the premiere of this amazing production."

Stephen Langridge, Artistic Director:

"Peter Konwitschny is an excellent director, someone who has helped shape the landscape of contemporary European Opera production. We have worked successfully together before on his production of Strauss’ Salome. The Göteborg Opera is proud to be presenting his Boris Godunov in collaboration with Nürnberg and Lübeck.

Unfortunately a conflict arose on Tuesday which ran counter to our determination at the Göteborg Opera to create a positive and creative working environment. This is for us a red line. Had the incident occurred earlier in the process we may have been able to resolve the conflict and continue by taking time out and regrouping, but with only one rehearsal remaining, I did not think it possible. Mr Konwitschny and I do not share the same opinion of what transpired, but we part with mutual respect."

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