Published 23 February 2017

The roles for The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera will be the musical for season 2017/2018 at the Göteborg Opera. Since its first performance in London in 1986, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical has been seen by over 140 million people in 30 countries.

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The Göteborg Opera and Finland’s National Opera have joined forces to develop an extravagant new production – the first one created for the facilities available in large opera houses. This updated production had great success at its 2015 premiere in Helsinki. The original version’s narrative and music are the same as ever.

Stephen Langridge, artistic director for Opera/drama:

The Phantom of the Opera is the last of the big musicals from the 80s which has stayed in its original form for the last 30 years. We're proud to have the opportunity - together with Finland’s National Opera - to produce a new version for a large orchestra and with a new set design adapted for a modern opera house. Because, to be honest, where should The Phantom of the Opera be played, if not in an opera house?

The role of the Phantom will be shared by Joa Helgesson and Fred Johanson.

Musical artist Fred Johanson has received critical acclaim in Sweden, on Broadway and in the West End. This season he is playing opposite Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway, New York. He performed the same role here at the Göteborg Opera in 2009.

Opera soloist Joa Helgesson works primarily in Germany and has performed several large opera roles. When he visited the Göteborg Opera for Billy Budd (2013) he covered for Peter Mattei in the title role for the live radio broadcast on P2.

The role of Christine Daaé will be shared by three singers: Sofie Asplund, who has performed several acclaimed performances in the last few years, including here at the Göteborg Opera; Frida Engström, who stood in for the role of Micaëla in Carmen here at the Göteborg Opera this season; and Hanna-Liina Vösa, who has not only sung the role of Sandy in Grease 600 times in the US, but has also performed the role of Christine in The Phantom production in Finland.

Raoul will be performed by Tobias Ahlsell, who performed as Woof in Hair this season here at the Göteborg Opera, and John Martin Bengtsson whostood in for Peter Jöback as The Phantom when it ran at Cirkus in Stockholm.

From top left: Fr överst till vänster: Joa Helgesson, Sofie Asplund, Fred Johanson, John Martin Bengtsson, Frida Engström, Hanna-Liina Võsa, Tobias Ahlsell

Premiere Saturday, 23 September 2017, Main Stage.
85 performances. Runs until 20 May 2018.
Will be sung in English with Swedish titles.

Musical by ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER (b 1948). Lyrics by CHARLES HART. Additional lyrics by RICHARD STILGOE. Script by RICHARD STILGOE and ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER.  By arrangement with The Really Useful Group Ltd.


Conductors – Nick Davies/Bjorn Dobbelaere/Cathrine Winnes
Direction – Tiina Puumalainen
Set design – Teppo Järvinen
Costume design – Marjaana Mutanen
Lighting design – Teemu Nurmelin
Choreography – Osku Heiskanen


THE PHANTOM – Fred Johanson/ Joa Helgesson
CHRISTINE DAAÉ – Sofie Asplund/ Frida Engström/ Hanna-Liina Võsa
RAOUL – John Martin Bengtsson/  Tobias Ahlsell
MONSIEUR FIRMIN – David Lundqvist
MONSIEUR ANDRÉ – Anders Wängdahl
CARLOTTA GIUDICELLI – Karolina Andersson/Mia Karlsson
UBALDO PIANGI – Iwar Bergkwist/ Dardan Bakraqi
MEG GIRY – Micaela Sjöstedt
MONSIEUR REYER – Lars Hjertner
JOSEPH BUQUET – Marco Stella
DON ATTILO – Peter Loguin
PASSARINO – Henrik Andersson
1ST FOP – Marcus Liljedahl
2ND FOP – Henrik Andersson
AUCTIONEER – Tobias Ahlsell
MADAME FIRMIN – Mio Netzler-Liljedahl
FIRECHIEF – Peter Loguin

Dancers/ensemble – Andrea Jayakrishna, Sara Wikström, Ida Rolstad, Rebecka Carlsson, Shannon Taylor, Mali Langvatn Saether, Robert Sillberg, Arvid Assarsson, Christian Jensen, Gustaf Jönsson m fl

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