Published 20 March 2014

Ronnie Hallgren becomes new CEO at
The Göteborg Opera

Today Ronnie Hallgren, the current CEO of Göteborgs Stadsteater was appointed as the new CEO for The Göteborg Opera. He will take over when Peter Hansson retires this summer after eight years in the position.

Ronnie Hallgren, foto: Ola Kjelbye

Ronnie Hallgren started his career in the performing arts in 1974. Since then he has worked at several of Sweden's major theaters as Artistic Director, Theater Director and Director. He has also made productions for radio and TV. His assignments have ranged internationally as he has worked with exchanges, collaborations and guest appearances in the performing arts in different countries. In addition to various executive positions in the theatre, he has been a member of artistic advice and reference groups for the performing arts at national level. He has also been active in research and teaching activities. Ronnie Hallgren has a prominent role, is frequently consulted as an expert and drives the development of issues related to gender equality and diversity in the performing arts.

Ronnie Hallgren was appointed today by The Göteborg Opera board and is expected to take up the position in August 2014.

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