Published 2 February 2012


Sasha Waltz is one of the most successful contemporary dance choreographers worldwide. For the very first time she has decided to allow a company other than her own to perform an existing piece; entrusting the modern classic noBody to the Göteborg Ballet.

noBody is the stand-alone and final part in Sasha Waltz's trilogy about the human being and our body, and it explores our metaphysical existence. What does being human mean beyond having a body? Which part of us is immortal? 25 dancers move in beautiful, softly flowing formations and complex patterns alongside a magnificent and enticing stage design. Together with Sasha Waltz, the dancers faces the challenge of rendering the non-physical visible through the physical body itself. Primordial forces meet the ethereal and delicate; hard costumes made of wood surround soft bodies.

Sasha Waltz work encompasses many categories - from pure dance performances to choreographed opera and dance performances at museums, such as the openings of Italy's new Art Museum in Rome and Neues Museum in Berlin. Architecture forms an important part of Sasha Waltz's work and alongside her career as choreographer she has also assisted in the creation of several monuments.

It has been 10 years since the original première of noBody in Avignon. In the Göteborg Ballet production the stage where the piece was performed at the beginning of the 00s is recreated - a wall in the Schaubühne Teater in Berlin.

Please contact press manager Jenny Jernberg for more information.

Première February 25 at 6 pm. For review tickets, please contact Anita Manskog on 031-10 80 34 or at by February 21 at the latest. The performance will last for approximately 90 minutes, including a break.

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