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Published 15 December 2011

Hitchcock's Notorious at The Göteborg Opera in 2015

Composer Hans Gefors has been engaged by The Göteborg Opera as resident composer from 2011 to 2015 and tasked with creating a new piece. Together with librettist Kerstin Perski he will turn Hitchcock's classic Notorious into an opera. Première at the Göteborg Opera in 2015.

"Notorious is a story of love. It shows how love makes us blind but at the same time how life wouldn't be worth living without love," says Hans Gefors about the piece.

The opera Notorious focuses on American Alicia, who was persuaded by secret agent Devlin to accept a spying mission in Rio de Janeiro during World War II. As they fall ever deeper in love, they are told what the actual mission is: Alicia is to seduce an influential German man in order to gather information on a top secret project. Blinded by jealousy, Devlin has no choice but to watch as Alicia seduces another man. When the Germans discover their games, it becomes a question of life or death.

"In a world of war, love is an obstacle but - when it is finally accepted - also the only route to salvation," says Kerstin Perski. “Love becomes an impossible dream and at the same time, paradoxically, the only chance of freedom.”

The Hitchcock thriller from 1946 starred Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant.

Previous works by Hans Gefors include Vargen kommer, a story created by himself about a hostage situation at a daycare centre, which he and Kerstin Perski created for the Malmö Opera in 1997. Other full operas include Christina, Der Park and Clara. In September he was awarded the prestigious Prix Italia for his radio opera Själens rening genom lek och skoj.

Kerstin Perski works as a dramatist, librettist and author. Her previous works include Charlotte Löwensköld for the Stockholm City Theatre and librettos for Vargen kommer, Ärret, Sötskolan and Skriftestolen. Her most recent work includes the libretto for a new opera at the Royal Swedish Opera, composed by Karin Rehnquist.

In 2012, Hans Gefors will begin to compose the music for Kerstin Perski's newly written libretto Notorious!

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