Published 15 February 2010

The Story Foyer.

The Göteborg Opera is now starting story-time sessions for its youngest visitors. The first occasions are Tuesday 16 February and Wednesday 17 February at 10.30 and 15.00.

The Göteborg Opera’s venture to create and develop more activities for the youngest groups of visitors continues. Tuesday 16 February marks the premiere of The Story Foyer, a musical saga for the age-group five to eight years. The Göteborg Opera’s soloist, Lars Hjertner, will tell The Story of Tamino and his Magical Flute, a child’s version of the opera, The Magic Flute. The story is illustrated with the help of a Kamishibai, a Japanese mini-theatre. Teresa Indebetou will be playing the piano. Tomas Sjöstedt, scenographer and costume designer for the box-office success The Magic Flute, currently being performed at The Göteborg Opera, has contributed with the illustrations to be used in the mini-theatre.

The Story Foyer will take place outside the Lilla (the small) stage in the foyer of The Göteborg Opera. There is room for twenty children and the performance lasts for approximately thirty minutes. Parents, or other adults wishing to accompany the children, are welcome to attend.

Admission to The Story Foyer is free, but tickets must be collected beforehand from The Göteborg Opera’s Opera Shop.

During this week of winter sports holidays The Story Foyer will be performed on four occasions, Tuesday 16 and Wednesday at 10.30 and 15.00 respectively. In connection with The Story Foyer guided tours of the opera house for the whole family will be arranged. These will start at 11.15 and 15.45 respectively on both days.
The Göteborg Opera Café will be open.

Performances of The Story Foyer will henceforth be given on Saturdays in conjunction with The Göteborg Opera’s foyer concerts. The story-time sessions will be intended for different age-groups on different occasions. Further information will be posted on The Story Foyer is a part of The Göteborg Opera’s work that goes under the name of Unga (Young).

Earlier on in the season The Göteborg Opera’s Children’s Choir was initiated and a script writing competition for upper secondary high pupils was recently held.
The person in charge of Unga is Mia Ringblom Hjertner. For further information contact her at +46 (0)31-10 80 72 or

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