Published 23 October 2009

The Göteborg Opera Ballet will open this season’s tours.

The Göteborg Opera Ballet has become a much sought-after touring company. In the last week of October the season’s tours will open with two sold-out performances in Germany and Luxembourg.

On 28 October The Göteborg Opera Ballet will perform 3xBoléro to a full house at Theater Bonn in Bonn, Germany. On 31 October Le Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg in Luxembourg will have occasion to enjoy the triple dance 3xBoléro created by choreographers Johan Inger, Kenneth Kvarnström and Alexander Ekman. Here too, all the tickets are already sold out. 3xBoléro had its premiere at The Göteborg Opera in April 2008 and soon became a favourite among audiences and critics alike.

Directly after the European tour it will be time to travel again, this time to Stockholm. In the first week of November Dansens Hus (The House of Dance) will be visited by The Göteborg Opera Ballet for no less than five evening performances. Two sold-out performances of Gunilla Heilborn’s Alaska will be given on the Lilla stage on the 4th and 5th of November. Wim Vandekeybus’critically acclaimed Black Biist from the double programme Dekadens, will be performed on the Stora stage on the following three evenings. This time Timo Nieminen will be replaced by the Royal Dramatic Theatre’s Elin Klinga in the role of Timesias, the blind fortune-teller. The name of the part has been changed to Eli-esias.

In April 2010 it will once again be time to travel abroad. This time the dance company will be going to Bolzano in Italy for a guest performance at Teatro Comunale. The Italian audience will also have the chance to see 3xBoléro.

“The international tours give us greater visibility, generating interest among choreographers to work with us. This in turn attracts more dancers, talent which extends our range.. We receive many requests to give guest performances through the agents who represent us. This is an indication of the quality of our productions and presents an attractive profile”, says ballet director Johannes Öhman.

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