Children’s Chorus and Youth Chorus

Children’s and Youth Chorus

Göteborg Opera Children’s Chorus and Youth Chorus are part of Skapa.

The Göteborg Opera offers choral opportunities for children and youths from 9 to 19 years of age. The choruses work with a broad repertoire and we attach great importance to stage presence.

The choruses rehearse once a week. In addition to the regular weekly rehearsals, there are also occasional rehearsal days and chorus weekends. In the run up to a performance, the frequency of rehearsals often increases. In other words, membership of a chorus entails a great deal of commitment from children, youths and their parents.

The Göteborg Opera Children’s Chorus and Youth Choruses stage their own concerts in Gothenburg and across Västra Götaland. From time to time, we also collaborate with the Göteborg Opera’s Chorus, Orchestra, dancers and conductors. Being a part of the highly professional work that goes into staging a performance gives children and young people rewarding and important experiences.

The Göteborg Opera Children’s Chorus

A total of 40 children sing in the Children’s Chorus. These children are all in the age range of 9-12 years old. We sing both in unison and in harmony. During rehearsals we work on singing, dramatic expression and music theory. The Children’s Chorus rehearses on Tuesdays at 16.15-17.45.

The Göteborg Opera Youth Chorus

In the Junior Youth Chorus (formerly the Treble Chorus), membership is made up of about 30 youths of secondary school age (12-16 years). We adjust the voice sections to suit the make up of the chorus at any given time. At times we hold our own concerts, often in collaboration with the Senior Youth Chorus. We work a lot on dramatic interpretation and explore different genres and ways of expressing ourselves. The Junior Youth Chorus rehearses on Mondays at 17:00-18:30.

In the Senior Youth Chorus, we immerse ourselves in harmonies and in what it means to be a theatrical chorus. The Senior Youth Chorus is a new initiative for the Göteborg Opera. In Spring 2018, we are looking for around 30 sixth form students to join the chorus. The chorus is divided into the voice types Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass. We collaborate with the Children’s Chorus and Junior Youth Chorus. During certain periods we cooperate closely with the Göteborg Opera’s Chorus, soloists, artists, choreographers and dancers.

Members of the Senior Youth Chorus are well practised in choral singing and want to take the next step up and invest properly in their singing and theatrical development. The Senior Youth Chorus rehearses on Mondays at 19:00-21:00.

Membership of the Göteborg Opera Children’s Chorus and Youth Choruses is free of charge.


The Göteborg Opera Children’s Choir
The Göteborg Opera Youth Choruses

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