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The ventriloquist Zillah and her cheeky monkey Totte have become a well-known duo with several hundred performances, a World Championship title, their own TV-programme on TV4 and an album of musicals behind them. Zillah, who is 20 years old, has dreamt of becoming a ventriloquist ever since her early childhood, an art she has now fully masterered.

They have been very busy ever since they won their prize in Talang 2007 on TV4. For example, Zillah & Totte are the proud holders of the title Grand Champion ofthe World since they won in the Varieté category in the world’s greatest talent show in the US in the summer of 2008. But this was just the beginning. In December 2008 the duo produced a musical album of original music, and the first episode of their own talk show “Monkey-TV with Zillah & Totte” was broadcast on TV4. The album kept its position in the charts for a whole 12 weeks and in the autumn of 2009 the third repeat instalment of the TV-series was shown. Now a whole new season with the duo has been recorded and will be broadcast on TV4 starting in January.

Apart from the millions of people watching on the Internet and all those who will see Zillah & Totte on TV, it is when they give performances on stages all around the country that the popular duo will meet their public. With their dazzling technique, their subtle intuition and their humble approach they have scored success after success in their performances for both adults and children.

They combine their own charming music with sketches, magic and other mischief. It is not uncommon for them to draw record attendances to their performances on their tours and there are often long winding lines of fans of all ages waiting for them afterwards, hoping for a hug or an autograph from Totte.

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