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Waldean Nelson

Waldean Nelson, USA, was educated at the Haverford College in Pennsylvania and joined the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani the fall of 2015. Earlier in his carrier Waldean danced in various companies in the US and Canada often with one sole choreographer but in later years he has preferred to freelance to get the variation and challenge to work with different choreographers at the same time. He was involved in a longer creative process with Camille A. Brown & Dancers which led to the piece, Mr. Tol E. Rance, that won the 2014 New York Dance and Performance Award (also known as a “Bessie’) for Outstanding Production.

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Christina Nilssons Gata, 411 04 Göteborg
Telephone (switch) 031–10 80 00
Ticket office & Restaurant 031–13 13 00

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