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Hans Gefors

Hans Gefors is one of Sweden’s leading opera composers. His breakthrough came in 1986 with the evening-length opera Christina at the Royal Swedish Opera, in collaboration with Lars Forssell. He has written five evening-length operas, two chamber operas, and other works of musical theater. His operas have been performed in Malmö, Stockholm, Wiesbaden, Lübeck, Copenhagen, and Bern, and four have been broadcast on television. His choral work Umi sono mono, composed for Fredrik Malmberg and the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir with text by Yukio Mishima, was premiered at the Lund Choral Festival in 2012. Gefors was professor of composition in Malmö in 1998–2001 and served on the Danish Arts Foundation’s committee for classical music in 2010–2013. In 2011 he received a doctoral degree in the arts (Articum doctorem) from Lund University for his dissertation in musical dramaturgy, entitled Operans dubbla tidsförlopp. In 2000 Gefors was awarded the Litteris et Artibus medal for outstanding contributions in the arts. He has been a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music since 1995.

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