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Bo Hermansson

Bo Hermansson (director) was born in 1937 and has been working in "the heavy industry", as Karl-Gerhard called show-business, for almost 50 years. Through Gothenburg's Student Theatre, he came into contact with the then recently established TV business in Gothenburg in the late 1950s. Here he made programmes in the most diverse of formats: children's programmes, current affairs and drama. In 1966, in company with Bengt Bratt and Kent Andersson, he created the mini-series Blå Gatan, which was epoch-making in the way it mixed high and low, and which laid the foundations for a future TV format, namely the TV soap opera. In the TV series Jubel i busken he showed that genuine popular entertainment, with its roots in funfair entertainers and slapstick comedians, forms part of our cultural heritage. By combining this tradition with English "music hall" entertainment, he created a TV format that felt genuinely Swedish – "slapstick" was now accepted in the cultural pages. During the 70s, he introduced the "sitcom" format with Albert & Herbert and a whole nation took the characters to its heart. After that, a boundary-breaking collaborative venture was initiated with Fleksnes Fataliteter and a number of TV series followed, gaining a huge audience because of their honest, innocent appeal: Fem dagar i december, Sista föreställningen, Röd snö, Fredriksson Fabrik.

In parallel with his TV activities, Bo Hermansson has directed drama in all its forms. In the early 1990s, Tomas von Brömssens Revyer, the musical Some like it hot, the successful Kolla klotet with Povel Ramel, Hotelliggaren with actors including Robert Gustafsson and numerous farces and musicals: Arsenic and Old Lace, Elling & Kjell-Bjarne, Singin' in the Rain, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Bo believes that comedy is something to be taken extremely seriously and he has made a contribution to updating the genre, its power and popularity.

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