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Our stages

Our stages

The Göteborg Opera consists of two houses. One in Gothenburg, with the Main Stage and the Small Stage, and one in Skövde, called the Skövde Stage. But we also tour frequently, both in the region and internationally.

The Main Stage and Small Stage, in Gothenburg

The Main Stage auditorium accomodates 1 276 people. The Small Stage can have an audience of 230. A few times each season there are also concerts held in the foyer of the Göteborg Opera. These are free of charge and you sit wherever you can find a place, on benches or on the stairs.

"The smaller, more intimate format is a good complement to the performances on the Main Stage,” says Göran Gademan, dramaturgist at the Göteborg Opera. "Sometimes you want to get close to the audience in a way that is not possible on a large stage."

The Skövde Stage, in Skövde

The Skövde Stage is housed in a beautiful 19th century building in the centre of Skövde - within walking distance of the train station and bus terminal. There are three stages within this building: the stage (Scenen), the hall (Salen) and the café. The stage is the largest and can hold about 130 people. In the café, free Saturday concerts are sometimes held. The Skövde Stage sometimes holds both study tours and guided tours. The building can also be hired for meetings, conferences, seminars and guest tours.

The Göteborg Opera in the region...

The Göteborg Opera also performs in the local region, across all of our genres. We put on small concerts and performances at small venues, smaller scale musicals and dance programs at middle-sized venues, and occasionally musicals, concerts and dance programs on larger stages.

... and around the world.

Touring and guest performances form part of the artistic vision of the Göteborg Opera and give us the chance to connect with new audiences. GöteborgsOperans Danskompani has toured to several destinations including Israel, USA, Norway and Holland.


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