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Our environmental work

Our environ|mental work

We strive to be efficient in our operations, when working with finite, renewable resources. We provide our employees with good environmental knowledge and work to actively reduce our impact on the environment.

You can eat here with a clean conscience

Since its inception, the Gothenburg Opera Restaurant has had a clear environmental philosophy. These efforts have now been affirmed by the most prestigious environmental certification – the Nordic Ecolabel.

The Nordic Ecolabel applies to all operations managed by the restaurant: the restaurant itself, the cafés, bars, kitchen and staff canteen. The Nordic Ecolabel takes into account the entire life cycle of the restaurant operations, from the purchase of raw goods to waste management and everything in between. This means that the food served at The Göteborg Opera is – as far as possible – organic and Fair Trade certified, while GM foods are banned. Our seafood is checked against the IUCN Red List and the Nordic species databases as well as WWF’s Fish Guide, and as often as possible we purchase organic seafood varieties. Our menus always have at least one vegetarian option, and once a week we provide a ‘meat-free’ lunch, where we offer a menu with a smaller carbon footprint.

Most of our cleaning products are eco-labeled, food waste becomes biogas, and other used products such as glass, plastic, metal, cardboard, paper and fats are sorted for recycling. Electricity consumption is taken 100% from renewable sources. The rare one-off items we use, such as napkins, are eco-labeled. We employ both Nordic Ecolabel ceritifed laundries and printers and most of the light sources present in our facilities are LED or better than energy class B. We're constantly striving to develop and make environmental improvements.

To choose The Nordic Ecolabel is a simple way to save the world a little each day. #räddavärlden

Read more about the Nordic Ecolabel

Bee hives

As a symbol for our continued environmental work, we have been keeping hives on the roof for the past couple of years. The honey is then sold in the OperaShop. Some bees fly to Trädgårdsföreningen (the botanical gardens) to collect their nectar they also are busy with the flower plantations we also have on the roof. And now they've got company: shiny new solar panels.

Solar panels on the opera house

Since 1994 we have focused closely on environmental questions. Now our new tenants, the bees, have gotten some company; in autumn 2014 solar panels were mounted on our roof.

Just over 600 sq. metres of our roof, almost 3 tennis courts, has been covered with solar cells. They will supply 107 000 kW per year – about as much as five private houses energy usage for the same period.

Environmental Policy

At the GoteborgsOpera we are professional, dedicated and innovative. We are driven by desire and participative value. We strive for social and environmental sustainability and a wise and responsible use of resources.

As a community member we are using creativity, openness, curiosity and modern approach to move gently through life. We are co-creating our society where pluralism, diversity and responsible development lead to a good life now, and for future generations.

GöteborgsOpera is an environmentally certified organization, which means we are working within the law and voluntary exceeding legal requirements. It also means that we strive to exceed our stakeholders' expectations, and systematically and strategically move towards sustainable development. Every day.

The Göteborg Opera in 2036

The Göteborg Opera actively works on environmental issues and has been doing so for several years. Our operation has an impact on the environment in several ways. For that reason, we always endeavour to choose the best options from an environmental perspective. Everything we do implies a difference for future generations, so it is important for us to think carefully in advance. Environmental work is a prioritised goal within all departments and we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve.

How much do we know about sorting waste and recycling?

We don't know everything but are learning more all the time, and environmental training courses are being held continuously. The whole house carries out waste sorting; we sort everything from office paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, hard and soft plastics, to different metals such as aluminum. We also set strict requirements for our suppliers – for example, they must make deliveries in returnable crates, bottles and packaging. We also try to re-use our scenery whenever possible, and have modular systems where everything can be taken down and built back up again. There are also carcasses for the scenery, such as walls, coaches, steps and structures that can be used multiple times.

Synthetic or genuine hair?

Are there any alternatives to the materials we use? Where possible, we use straps instead of adhesive tape and screws instead of glue. We use genuine hair for the wigs instead of synthetic hair. Marketing is being carried out in an increasingly digital way instead of using different types of paper flyers. As regards energy consumption, the stage requires a lot of light, but otherwise, we use low-energy light bulbs. Presence detector lighting is used in all of the major rooms and in the dressing rooms. Apart from district heating, the building now also has district cooling.

Environmental focus in the Operashop

GöteborgsOperans Danskompani collection, made up of t-shirts, cloth bags and beanies, comes from Dem Collective, a supplier who fuses organic materials, ethics, quality and considered design.

We transport in bulk

Co-ordinating transportation is one obvious measure. We also try to work with local suppliers and always choose eco-friendly transportation as our first option.

An entirely green production?

Thaïs 2010. Foto: Mats Bäcker

Our goal is actually to have an entire production eco-labelled. The Göteborg Opera carried out a lifecycle analysis of the opera Thaïs and is now undertaking measures based on its findings.

Tips and ideas

If you have any tips and ideas of the way the Göteborg Opera's environmental work could be improved, please email us at:


Our environmental policy

EMAS 2015 (pdf)

ISO 14001 certificate

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