Graphic identity

Graphic identity

A new graphic identity is a part of the Göteborg Opera’s overall development. The identity takes inspiration from the organisation’s creativity and the proximity of the building to the water. A dynamic symbol, created by the sound of our artists!

In the early 1840s, the idea of building a new theatre in Gothenburg began to circulate. In 1859, Nya Theatern opened in the white stone building that we can still see in Kungsparken today, now called Stora Teatern.

100 years later, the building had been outgrown. The idea to build a new venue was tabled. This was the start of a discussion that was to continue for many years. 

The first bricks were laid at last in 1991 – and in October 1994 the Göteborg Opera was inaugurated. The architecture of the new, hangar-sized opera house brought to mind ship hulls, bridges, wharf cranes and wind-filled sails.

For 20 years, the opera house at the mouth of the Göta Älv river has been taking its audience on a journey through worlds of music and dance. Each show has – in its own way – contributed to moving the Göteborg Opera forward. We are constantly learning from our audiences and from our performers. That is why today, we dare to be braver and cut loose a bit more. 

The Göteborg Opera now and in the future

Our aim is to make the art forms we provide accessible to a broader audience, without depleting or sacrificing quality. This fits with the Göteborg Opera’s mission from the region’s Culture Committee: to take overall responsibility for the administration and development of opera, dance, musicals and concerts in Västra Götaland. We want to amuse, touch, and educate. To arouse ideas and curiosity.

People have a tendency to think that opera is something exclusive, and modern dance is difficult to understand. Those are myths that we want to dispel, of course. This opera house open to everyone. 

To that end, we broadcast some of our opera and dance performances via our film platform This means that we can show performances in schools and nursing homes for example. Our hope is to create new meeting places that bring culture closer to people – to make it easily accessible.

We are setting our sights high within several fields: we want to further hone our high level of artistic quality; we want to improve our already advanced stage technology and to specify even higher environmental requirements for our activities. And of course we want to find new ways of reaching out to more visitors throughout Västra Götaland. To help more people discover the magic and relevance of the performing arts. 

A new graphic identity is a part of this work.

About the Göteborg Opera’s new graphic identity

One of the Göteborg Opera’s tasks is to attract more visitors to our performances. We conducted a major survey, which showed that almost everyone is familiar with the Göteborg Opera as an entity, but that our graphic identity – in particular our ‘G.O.’ symbol, was not easily recognised. 

The GO symbol, used until March 2017

The idea for a new symbol began to take shape. One that creates a stronger and more lasting impression, which can act as the glue to keep our broad range of artistic genres together. Our logo also needs to work as part of a bigger concept, and not only be a monogram.

It needs to become more visible, more approachable, more contemporary and more digital.

Developing the new graphic identity

Our broad creative offering – which comprises opera, dance, musical theatre and concerts – makes us a dynamic, ever-changing organism. The proximity of the building to the water is also a unique feature. Our relationship to the sea is certainly visible in the building’s architecture. 

We asked ourselves: 

What happens if we connect sound and water? Can we develop a symbol where sound and water interact?

We began with an O, as in opera. There are of course many opera houses which use the letter ‘O’ in their logo, so we decided to put our own twist on things by inviting some of our performers to participate in an audiovisual experiment. With the help of a microphone, an amplifier and sound waves generated by vocal chords, movement and instruments – as well as some clever computer work – we were able to create a moving, dynamic identity.

Behind the scenes in the creation of our new graphic identity.
Our symbol is dynamic. For print material, stills have been taken from the animated logo, and are used to fit the context – from calm to explosive.

An example of the symbol in motion
An example of the symbol in motion

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