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Published 26 August 2020


The Göteborg Opera is seeking secondary school students in years 7-9 to take part in the Filter project

Göteborg Opera Skapa is inviting groups of upper secondary school students to participate in the Filter project in the 2021 spring term. The project activities will take place at the students’ school or club house and at the Göteborg Opera.

The performance of Filter, a musical theatre production for young people aged 13 to 16, will be given in spring 2021. The work focuses on young people’s thoughts concerning identity and self-image.

Now we’re seeking groups of students interested in joining an exciting project with a theme that can easily be linked with their daily school work. During the project, we’ll discuss identity and social belonging. Who are we, and what lengths will we go to in order to be accepted? What filters do we use to gain others’ approval, and how can we help each other let go of them? Are there actually some filters that help us discover new, important aspects of ourselves?

The Filter project uses the inspiring power of the performing arts to discuss and explore what it’s like to live in a social media-dominated world – with its pros and cons – and to form a self-image with and without role models. 

The project will take place in two phases during the 2021 spring term. 

Phase 1 (January-March 2021):
Workshop. The Göteborg Opera visits the participating student groups to present the project. Together with the students, we explore the project’s theme through discussions and reflective exercises.
Duration: approx. 90 min. 

Phase 2 (April 2021):
The student groups visit the Göteborg Opera and watch the performance of Filter. Straight after the performance, the students meet the ensemble to discuss and reflect on the performance.
Duration: approx. 2 hours 

In order for us to be able to visit your class/student group, the following two criteria have to be met:
1. There must be a suitable room to meet in (such as a classroom)
2. A counsellor (or a person with a similar role) must be present during and after the workshop. 

Does your class want to participate? We are looking for groups in secondary school years 7-9 in the Gothenburg Region. Register your interest with The Göteborg Opera by 16 November by contacting hanna.morau@​opera.​se.​
Any questions you may have about the project can also be addressed to this email address. When registering your interest, please specify how many students are in the group, provide contact details of the teacher responsible, and specify which school district you belong to. We will choose a number of groups from the applications received. We aim to achieve as large a geographic spread as possible within the Gothenburg Region. 

As part of Region Västra Götaland, The Göteborg Opera complies with the relevant recommendations and guidelines regarding COVID-19. The project is conducted according to the guidelines and restrictions applicable on any given occasion. We also take the preferences and guidelines of individual schools and teachers into consideration. 

Kind regards,
Göteborg Opera Skapa

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