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Published 5 June 2019

Audition for the Senior Youth Chorus

19 & 20 August 2019  

Tilo Stengel

Our Senior Youth Chorus (Ungdomskören Äldre (UKÄ)) is looking for young singers aged 16 (born 2003) to 22. Become a valued member of the Senior Youth Chorus until the year you turn 25.

We are looking for:

3 sopranos
1 altos
2 tenors
2 bass

The audition consists of 3 parts

Group drama assessment

The group drama assessment is led by one of the Directors at the Göteborg Opera. You will not be able to prepare for this part of the assessment. However, we recommend you wear clothes that allow you to move freely.

Written music theory test

While you are waiting for your singing audition, we will ask you to sit a music theory test. How you perform in this test will not influence your chances of being accepted onto the Chorus but it gives us an indication of your knowledge in this area.

Singing audition

Singing auditions are carried out on an individual basis. For this part of the assessment, we ask you to prepare the songs listed below. Apart from preparing the songs you are to sing at the audition, you will also be required to do a short sight-reading test. 

  • Your own choice of song, performed unaccompanied. We recommend choosing a tune that reflects who you are and what you like.
  • ‘Vem kan segla förutan vind’ (Who can sail without a wind), verse 1, sung from memory.
  • ‘Kristallen den fina’ (The Crystal So Fine) or ‘Den blomstertid nu kommer’ (The Summer Days of Beauty) (one verse, sung from memory) To these songs, you will be accompanied by a piano.

When singing accompanied by a piano, the key (how high or low you sing) will be adapted to what suits you and your voice the best.

Registration for the audition

Registration deadline is 15 August 2019. Send an e-mail titled ‘Audition UKÄ’ to including the following information:

  • Your first and last names
  • Your date of birth
  • If you know your own vocal range, please specify the voice type that you would like to audition for (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). 
  • Confirm what email address you would like us to contact you/your child on during the period June - September. If on holiday during this period, please give us your private e-mail address and not your work e-mail.

Notifications of acceptance/non-acceptance

Notifications of acceptance/non-acceptance will be sent out in week 34. These will be sent out to the e-mail address specified in the Audition Registration form. If successful, we ask you to confirm by return if you would like to accept our offer of a place on the Senior Youth Chorus.

All applicants will receive a Notification of Acceptance/Non-acceptance.

Good to know!

The Senior Youth Chorus rehearses every Monday between 18:45 – 20:45. 

Rehearsal dates and times may vary slightly when the Youth Chorus rehearses together with our other choirs (Children’s Chorus or Junior Youth Chorus).

It is not unusual for a rehearsal to be scheduled for the weekend. This normally happens a couple of times every term. Some rehearsal periods are more intense than others, especially when the Youth Chorus is in its final rehearsal before a major performance. 

The autumn term 2019 starts on Monday 26 August. 


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