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Published 31 March 2019

Göteborg Opera turns 25!

The Göteborg Opera 1994–2019. Celebrate with us!


The Göteborg Opera celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2019. For a quarter of a century, we’ve had the honour of inviting you to share and experience every human emotion with us. Joy, sadness, fear. Insanity, wonder and amazement. Love. Regardless of the venue – opera, dance, musicals and concerts have filled our souls. Together, we’ve become wiser. Braver.

Getting to reflect and enrich life is both a privilege and challenge. It’s perhaps even more important in times of great change. When we feel dizzy from the pace of development. When we no longer believe in eternity. We are deeply happy and proud of the appreciation you’ve shown us. Your participation, applause and questions are confirmation that the performing arts matter. 

Christina Björklund, CEO

The Opera Bar’s Anniversary Offer

  • Open gourmet prawn sandwich served with vendace roe from Kalix, lemon and horseradish mayonnaise, egg, tomato and lemon.
  • One glass of sparkling wine (non-alcoholic option available)
  • Coffee and anniversary chocolate truffle flavoured with champagne and strawberry.

Price: SEK 395

(Value SEK 427)

Please note that the anniversary offer must be booked in advance no later than the day before your visit. Please state how many offers you require at the time of booking. The anniversary offer will be served in the Opera Bar before the performance. Limited covers available. Bookings can be made via this online form or by contacting the restaurant booking service on +46 31-13 13 00.

The audience speaks

In winter 2018/2019 we asked you, our dear audience, to tell us about your experiences of the opera. Thank you for all your kind words!

Katarina Granath
Lennart Sjöberg

”I am an opera fan, and think that you present lovely productions. Travelling here from Stockholm, I get excited about the intense musical experience I’m about to see.”
— Åsa Grenander

”It is welcoming and simple to get here – very accessible and open!”
— Katarina Granath

”I come here for the music and the whole experience. The kitted-out industrial opera house has a great harbour view.
Siv Carlsson

Kaj Laesö Buch
Lennart Sjöberg

”Exceeds expectation every time! The cocktail bar is a hidden treasure.”
— Kaj Laesö Buch

”My first childhood memories are from the Christmas concert at the opera. Now I try to attend at least once a year, it soothes the soul. The guided tours behind the scenes are fantiastic.”
— Weronika Hagerling

”Göteborg Opera is so many-sided. There’s always a production for everyone, so I can always find a show I want to see.” — Frida Johansson

Jarl Johansson
Lennart Sjöberg

”I turn 75 today. Six months ago we decided to celebrate here with the family. I really enjoy this opera house and how one gets such different experiences each time one comes here.” — Jarl Johansson

”I enjoy culture and the different art forms which are in this house: musicals, opera and dance. It’s great to be able to experience art and with my friends.” — Manjula Deshpande

”The house is in a great position, and has a wonderful atmosphere! This is the first time I’ve come to a show here. I’ve been longing to see some contemporary dance.” — Sima Abdollahi

Sima Abdollahi
Lennart Sjöberg

”We came to Gothenburg just to visit the opera and see the dance piece ’Skid’. We wanted to see it when it was on tour in Paris, but it was sold out.”
Viet Le trong

Three employees’ recollections

From left: Liselott Berg, Åke Zetterström, Joel Björberg

Joel Björberg, Head of Stage, Lighting and Visuals, and former theatrical technician:
”I remember the anxious days leading up to the opening night in late September 1994. Us technicians were working round the clock, crashing out on sofas with our heads spinning. We were firing on all cylinders to get all the new technology synched and working in time for the three inaugural performances of ‘Aniara’ – the first ever performance on our Main Stage. A revolving stage, flying sequences and all the new stage machinery would be used live, without any trial run. Now, 25 years later, I can still feel painfully grateful that the technology behind the revolving stage worked without a glitch on opening night.” 

Liselott Berg, Administrative Manager for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, and former Göteborg Opera Ballet soloist:
“When we were putting on the production ‘Bhima’, some of us had to make a ‘divine’ entrance from below which involved a slow emergence from the lowered orchestra pit. The music started, the floor wouldn't raise. So we ran through the cellar, up through the staff canteen and entered in a relatively dignified manner via the side stage instead. There have been many times where we’ve had to improvise. I’m proud of what we do, where we are today and what I have been part of. The Göteborg Opera is known for taking good care of its artistic team, individual artists and for making the teams’ visions and ideas reality, no matter how challenging."

Åke Zetterström, baritone opera soloist:
“Contrary to what many feared, the amazing team spirit that existed at Stora Teatern was only strengthened by the move to the new opera house. Suddenly, we were all working in the same building all the time. We had construction, painting, carpentry and costume workshops under one roof, in addition to large orchestral, dance and rehearsal spaces. At ‘Storan’ it was common for the different departments to come together only once stage rehearsals started. I think the fact that we work together like a family and a combined force is an important factor behind the Göteborg Opera’s success.”

Kort historik

The history of the Göteborg Opera really began with Stora Teatern – the white building in stone that stands alone in Kungsparken city park. ‘Storan’, as it was called, opened in 1859 and was Gothenburg’s musical theatre venue par excellence from the 1920 onwards. But in 1994, the premises had long since grown too small and we made the long-awaited move into a new opera house – as big as a hangar, with a design reminiscent of ship hulls, wind-filled sails, bridges and harbour cranes. Work on the new opera house, designed by Jan Izikowitz of Lund & Valentin architects, started in 1991.

The Göteborg Opera was inaugurated over the course of three nights. The heading of the star-studded programme proclaimed A marvellous opening! The final evening was the launch, and the house was welcomed to the dock by its godmother, court singer Birgit Nilsson, who wished ”the Göteborg Opera all its happiness and success on the bountiful ocean of fine arts.”

The opera house encapsulates an entire world. Construction, carpentry, paining, metalwork and costume workshops, as well as dressing rooms, administration functions, stages and rehearsal spaces. When the Göteborg Opera opened it boasted the most advanced stage technology in the world. Following extensive renovations in 2009, we are again on the cutting edge.

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