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Published 7 November 2018

Göteborg Opera’s and Swedish Red Cross’ International choir 2019

Do you want to join the Göteborg Opera’s and Swedish Red Cross’ International choir 2019?

In January 2019 is it once again time for the GöteborgOperan and the Red Cross new international choir. The project is led by two professional artists: Bo Wannefors (conductor) and Tina Glenvik (director). 

Who can take part of the international choir? 

The choir is for people who enjoy singing with other people or want to try it. You don´t need any previous experience! It is important that you can take part in our rehearsals and concert. When we choose participations for the choir we aim for a mix of people with different ages, languages, nationalities and backgrounds. 

What will we sing? 

We’ll sing three completely new songs and three folk songs that we’ve collected from people who live in Göteborg but come from all over the world. It’ll be an exciting mix of musical styles and languages. We’ve previously sung in Arabic, Assyrian, English, Kurdish, Macedonian, Persian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish 

What will we do?

Two concerts. The first one is in February at Världskulturmuseet as a part of the event River of light.  The other one is in May at GöteborgsOperan, in colloboration with Greek national opera who also have an International choir. This concert will have elements of theatre, movement and other artistic expression. 

Where do we rehearse? 

At the Göteborg Opera, Christina Nilssons gata, 411 04 (near Nordstan) 


You are welcome regardless of which languages you speak! We’ll work in Swedish and English. 

We’ll be glad to help with other languages as much as possible. 


Rehearsals on Tuesdays 19.15 – 21.00. We start the 8/1 2019 and end 8/5 2019. In addition to this we will also have rehearsals 18/2, 4-5/5 and 7/5.  We will not have rehearsals on 26/2, 16/4 and 30/4. 

The concert is 8/11 at GöteborgsOperan Small stage. We will also perform as a part of River of light at Världskulturmuseet 20/2. 

How do I sign up? 

You send a mail to and last date for expressions of interest is 10 December. Send in your expression of interest today! In addition to your expression of interest we will ask a few simple questions. This because we want to create a choir that reflects the people living in Göteborg today 

Curious? Any questions? Want to take part? Please contact us! Email us at

Contact us

Christina Nilssons Gata, 411 04 Göteborg
Telephone (switch) 031–10 80 00
Ticket office & Restaurant 031–13 13 00

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