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Published 15 May 2019

Me too, Figaro

As people, we do what we can to get what we want. Our actions form our relationships – both with others and with ourselves. 

The young Cherubino is drawn to the beautiful, melancholy countess. He can barely control himself in her presence. The countess is filled with lust and longing, but lacks the opportunity to express her feelings. Her husband, the count, is a man who is used to getting his way and he has difficulty accepting a “no”. He now has his eye on his wife’s maidservant, Susanna. Meanwhile, Susanna is busy planning her wedding with the count’s butler Figaro. But can Susanna and Figaro secure their happiness while defying the count? 

How do we create the character of the young Cherubino at a time when normalised sexism meets the ideal of gender equality? Will he turn out just like the count, or will he decide to break the mould? 

As people, we do what we can to get what we want. Our actions form our relationships – both with others and with ourselves. 

Autumn 2017 saw the emergence of the Me Too movement; a transformative global campaign against sexual harassment and abuse. ‘Me too, Figaro’ takes up the campaign and uses the inspiring power of the performing arts to continue the discussion – about the Me Too movement and about different behaviours, jargon and everyone’s ingrained perceptions and expectations. It is a poignant version of a play that is partly about sexual assault – The Marriage of Figaro by Beaumarchais – and it includes music from Mozart’s opera of the same name. How can we talk about the story after Me Too? What roles do we ourselves play in the reality of The Marriage of Figaro? 

The Göteborg Opera will be exploring these questions together with young people aged 13–15 during the spring term 2019. The ‘Me too, Figaro’ project will give young people the chance to get involved in changing the World - through art. 

More about the project

The Göteborg Opera will be inviting groups of 10–15 young people aged 13–15 to participate in ‘Me too, Figaro’. The project will take place during school hours in three stages during the 2019 spring term.

Stage 1: Firstly, the Göteborg Opera will visit the selected student groups to give more details about the project. 

Stage 2: At the second meeting, the students will immerse themselves in the story of The Marriage of Figaro, the Me Too movement, the storytelling tools used in performing arts and 

Stage 3: The final meeting will involve a performance and concluding workshop. The performance will be given by artists from the Göteborg Opera. The show is about giving young people the chance to think about what they have seen and have a role in changing the course of events. 

Concept, script, director, set design/costume idea: Frida Engström
Workshop leader: Hanna Morau 

Musical director: Per Larsson & Rut Pergament

The Joker: Anders Wängdahl

Cherubin: Max Jansson

Figaro: Sami Yousri

Susanna: Kattis Trollregn

Herr Almaviva aka ”Count”: Åke Zetterström

Fru Rosina aka ”Countess”: Frida Engström

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