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Welcome to HemmaOperan. Entertainment and solace with performances and short clips from the Göteborg Opera. Operas, dance, musicals and concerts, from the comfort of your own home.

Behind, on, under and over the scenes
Recorded discussions


Behind, on, under and over the scenes

The ”Bakom kulisserna” vlog, rehearsal film clips, teasers and interviews from previous productions, dancer portraits and even reading for everyone who is interested in everything that happens here at the GöteborgsOperan.  Note: some material is only presented in Swedish.

Panel discussions

About one week before premieres we hold free panel discussions. At these discussions the artistic team and soloists talk about their work. Often an expert guest is invited to give a special perspective on the production. These discussions take place on the Small Stage a week or two before the premiere. The chair for the opera panels is The Göteborg Opera's dramaturgist, Göran Gademan.

Some talks are held in English, some in Swedish.

12 December
The opera presentation before the opening of Siegfried.

Available to watch until 20 December.
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