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Selected performances from previous seasons – as well as newly recorded ones. More titles will be added as time goes by, so watch this space!

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Chamber Concert: Suite in B-flat major (op. 4) by Richard Strauss
Thirteen musicians from the Göteborg Opera Orchestra's wind section gather for a chamber concert. Conductor: Sergej Bolkhovets.
Available from 12:30pm 12 September until 25 Sept.
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Beethoven 250 years

On 24-27 September, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Göteborg Opera celebrates the giant Ludwig van Beethoven with several curated digital concerts. The digital Beethoven triathlon replaces the previously planned joint-concert ”Beethoven Marathon”, which has been postponed to the future.

26 September,  6 pm
Much ado about Beethoven 

Music by the 250-year-old, Korngold and Elgar. 

Ludwig van Beethoven is among the world’s most played composers and has become almost synonymous with classical music. In this concert, we’re introduced to two of his lesser known pieces as well as music by composers Korngold and Elgar. With Court Singer Katarina Karnéus and the Göteborg Opera Orchestra conducted by Yoel Gamzou. 

Live streamed on Saturday 26 September at 6pm. Available until 9 October. 

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27 September, 6 pm
Sweet Power of Song 

A recital with songs by Beethoven. 

We invite you to an entertaining and tender cavalcade of folk songs arranged by the German titan. The traditional tunes – mainly from Ireland, Scotland and Germany – range from profound reflection to hilarious drinking songs. 

Join in for a wonderful hour when six of our soloists interpret the folk songs in collaboration with an eminent trio: violin, David Bergström, concert master in the Göteborg Opera Orchestra; cello soloist Patrik Harryson; and at the piano the Göteborg Opera’s Artistic Director Opera/Drama, Henning Ruhe – concert pianist and accompanist to internationally renowned opera singers.  

The concert is recorded at Stora Teatern. 
Premiere Sunday, 27 September at 6pm. Available until 10 October.
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Digital concerts from
Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

24 September, 8 pm
Live concert: Beethoven’s Fate Symphony

Few would dispute that Beethoven’s Fifth is the world’s most famous symphony. Most people are familiar with the foundational theme of fate, but there is so much more to discover here: a rocking second movement and a grand finale. There is no better way to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday. During the evening, we also get to experience in Schumann’s Second Symphony – a bubbling symphony that at times also leaves room for melancholic strings. 

The broadcast will begin at 7.45pm with a pre-talk from the studio.

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More Beethoven

Beethoven with Rouvali

Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony was already successful at its premiere in 1813 with its energy and dramatic charge. Napoleon had by this time besieged Vienna, something that deeply affected Beethoven. The second movement has therefore sometimes been interpreted as a monument to human suffering and the finale as an inspired triumph. With its powerful rhythms, it is also one of Beethoven’s most muscular symphonies, here interpreted by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the charismatic chief conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali.
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Beethoven Symphony No. 8

A symphony can not open more sunny: lukewarm, melodic summer breezes that sweep forward in a spontaneous dance. The second movement is said to be a game with the (then) recent invention, the metronome that ticks out like a well-oiled clock. In the third movement, you’ll encounter an elegant minuet that trips forward with distinguished dance steps while the finale exudes speed and joy. Beethoven was very pleased with his work, which he lovingly called “my little symphony in F”.
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Behind, on, under and over the scenes

The ”Bakom kulisserna” vlog, rehearsal film clips, teasers and interviews from previous productions, dancer portraits and even reading for everyone who is interested in everything that happens here at the GöteborgsOperan.  Note: some material is only presented in Swedish.

Panel discussions

About one week before premieres we hold free panel discussions. At these discussions the artistic team and soloists talk about their work. Often an expert guest is invited to give a special perspective on the production. These discussions take place on the Small Stage a week or two before the premiere. The chair for the opera panels is The Göteborg Opera's dramaturgist, Göran Gademan.

Some talks are held in English, some in Swedish.

Jenny Lind 200 years

We celebrate Sweden’s perhaps brightest star ever, the soprano Jenny Lind, with a series where five of our sopranos – Kerstin Avemo, Ida Falk Winland, Anna Forsebo, Mia Karlsson and Magdalena Risberg – perform her repertoire. With dramaturg Göran Gademan, and Ingela Tägil, Ph.D. 

To Jenny Lind 200 years

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