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An evening filled with dance choreographed by our dancers, with our dancers, for everybody!

Dancers from the Göteborg Ballet give us 10 different dance works, choreographed by themselves.

"Nothing is as fascinating as love, unfortunately" Malgorzata Dzierzon

"en honneur à JP" Mia Jennerholm

"You´re the mood I´m in tonight" Anandi Vinken

"Unimportant Feelings" David Wilde

"To be or not to be, it is neither the question, nor the solution, it is inherently who you are" Sören du Hoffmann

"CHAMA3#/… lifes´ true vessel, pumping out hearts´ truths echoes the memory and rhythm of love" Thomas Zamolo

"A kindly tongue…clotheth the words with meaning…" Travis Birch

"How many times has your reflexion surprised you" Israel Aloni

"The universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our feelings with" Fernando Melo

"Good morning hard ache" Dan Offerlind

Played at the Small Stage 27 May 7.30 pm, 28 May 6 pm and 29 May 6 pm.

Ticket price: SEK 80
Up to age 20, 50% discount
Tickets sold at the Göteborg Opera Box Office only.


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2004/2005
  • Location:

    Small Stage

  • Length: Approx. 2 h incl. interval
  • Info:Göteborg Opera Small Stage