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Workshop 2004

Workshop 2004

An evening filled with dance choreographed by our dancers, with our dancers, for everybody!

Dancers from the Göteborg Ballet give us 12 different dance works, choreographed by themselves.

Played at the Small Stage 27 May 7.30 pm, 28 May 7.30 pm and 29 May 6.30 pm.

Ticket price: SEK 80
Tickets sold at the Göteborg Opera Box Office only.

"I am a bit self-centered, I only create things I want to see myself." Karin Duell

"If you've found someone who wants to share and help you with your wishes and fears, you've found yourself something very special, you've found yourself a friend." David Wilde

"Birds of a feather flock together." Sara Wikström

"An excursion through imaginary geometrical landscapes and different moods." Sonny Koroschetz

"It's not an idle matter trying to define what a human being is." Israel Aloni

"Who are we willing to sacrifice for an illusory freedom?" Dan Offerlind

"Joy and harmony." Tim Liljequist

"White worlds with white words, upside down clocks, and empty spaces..." "Can you pass the milk?" Heather Telford

" Just to see what happens." Mattias Suneson

"A passionate interest in writing my own music, to my own choreography."

"Everything's comfortable now... the universe is simple in this place, I want you to come with me... here alone with me, so very far away..." Thomas Zamolo

"When words are not enough." Renaud Wiser


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2003/2004
  • Location:

    Small Stage

  • Length: Approx. 2 hrs, 2 intervals
  • Info:Göteborg Small Stage