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Vocal Postcards

  • Concert
  • 8 may 2019, Small Stage.
  • Ensemble


    Trevor Grahl med flera
    Choir master/Conductor
    Bo Wannefors
    Tina Glenvik
    Choir master Athens
    Vasoula Delli
    Gavin Murphy
    Johan Hebbe
    Peter Götzlinger
    Thomas Johansson
    Dan Offerlind
    Network Music Specialist
    Rebekah Wilson


    Live on stage
    GöteborgsOperans och Svenska Röda korsets internationella kör
    Live stream from Athens
    Greek National Opera Intercultural Choir


    Erika Risinger
    Michael Andersson
    Jakob Norin
    Double Bass
    Kenneth Örtendahl
    Patrizia Carciani Kvensler

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Vocal Postcards

A theatrical concert.

The Göteborg Opera Small Stage, 8 May at 6.00 and 8.00pm

A recording of the performance

Featuring the Göteborg Opera and Swedish Red Cross International Choir (live) and the Greek National Opera Intercultural Choir (streamed from Athens).

Think back to a journey from the past. Where were you going? Why? What were your fears and expectations? To run away from home as a child, go shopping, be relocated, move, fly for the first time, flee from something, learn how to ride a bike.  Maybe you’d like to share something you don’t want to forget from that journey: a dish, a song, an event. Perhaps it’s a journey from your past, something that happened more recently, or maybe it’s a desire, an inner journey, something that feels completely your own.

This is the start of the journey that in May will become GOT-ATH Vocal Postcards – a theatrical concert performed simultaneously in Gothenburg and Athens. The International Choir will sing live at the Göteborg Opera, while its Greek counterpart is streamed as they simultaneously perform in Athens. The Göteborg Opera and the Greek National Opera each have choirs whose members come from all over the world. They bring with them different experiences, speak different languages and share the desire to sing and create together.

Traditional songs from different countries are interwoven with three new songs written by composer Trevor Grahl. The new songs are inspired by the choir members’ personal stories and experiences, shared with each other via memories on postcards. Excerpts from these will also be read out to the audience.

The two opera houses want to use the concert to bring voices and stories to life that, in relation to each other, can offer a broader perspective around issues concerning identity, escape and social and political contexts, and the sense of constantly yearning for something or someone that you cannot return to.

The idea is born out of curiosity. What stories do we bring with us? How is your story similar to mine? How does it differ? How can we use our stories to achieve a better understanding of one another and the world? And how might a song inspired by these stories, musical traditions and cultures, sound? 

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Christina Nilssons Gata, 411 04 Göteborg
Telephone (switch) 031–10 80 00
Ticket office & Restaurant 031–13 13 00

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