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”Enthusiastic dance evening” Svenska Dagbladet


Contagious dance.

In both “Naharin’s Virus” and ”Love” there is spoken dialogue. No surtitles.

Naharin’s Virus

Creation by Ohad Naharin

Trailer for Naharin’s Virus

Ohad Naharin is one of the most sought-after choreographers in the world and the man behind the movement method Gaga, practiced by dancers as well as non-dancers.

The starting point of "Naharin’s Virus” is the text ”Publikumsbeschimpfung” (Offending the Audience) by the winner of 2019 Nobel Prize in Literature; Austrian playwright Peter Handke. It's an aesthetic manifesto beautifully embedded in virtuosic dance and rich classical, Arabic and techno music.

“Ohad Naharin’s work is multifaceted, never unequivocal. ‘Naharin’s Virus’ creates a vacuum and injects movement.”Katrín Hall, Artistic Director Dance
Rehearsals for Naharin’s Virus

Göteborgs­Operans Danskompani is the first dance company besides Batsheva (where Ohad Naharin was director 1990-2018) which has been allowed to perform the piece. This is the dance company’s third collaboration with Naharin. Previous collaborations were the acclaimed dance production Max and Decadance Gothenburg.

Since understanding the spoken text is not necessary to experience the work fully, "Naharin’s Virus" is not surtitled.


Creation by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver

Wild aesthetics and a strong physical presence are a couple of the ingredients in the evening’s second piece: Love.

Guy Weizman and Roni Haver

Amazing lover, perfect parent, amusing friend and understanding soulmate. Sexy, too! Is that even possible? Can any one person be all those things? Love is a portrait of love in the millennial generation, characterized by endless choices and a fear of missing out. It’s a frenzied pursuit of love as a cure for loneliness in a superficial world.

The choreographic duo Guy Weizman and Roni Haver were inspired by “Venus in furs”, an 1870 classic erotic novella by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, whose name has lived on in the term masochism: the desire for submission.

Roni Haver and Guy Weizman ("Director of the Year" in the Netherlands 2018) have previously danced with Ohad Naharin’s Batsheva Dance Company. Today, they run their dance company Club Guy & Roni, from which several of their dancers have been selected to participate in this performance with our company.

Commissioned music by Slagwerk den Haag and the Asko/Schönberg ensemble, who participate on stage.

”Love” is a co-production with Club Guy & Roni, Slagwerk Den Haag and the Asko/Schönberg ensemble. Tour in the Netherlands will follow on the Gothenburg performances.

Open rehearsals for Love
Rehearsals for Love


Verbal introductions

All dance performances (except premieres and guest performances) are preceded by a verbal introduction. Welcome to listen and get a wider insight into the choreographer’s process and inspiration, collaborations with artistic teams and dancers, and more.

Introductions start 1 hour before the performance and last about 20 minutes. They are presented in Swedish and held on the Small Stage.

Free admission with performance ticket. Limited seating.

Physical introductions

GöteborgsOperans Danskompani offers the participatory format of physical introduction to all interested in deepening their insight into the company’s performances. Physical introductions are led by dancers of the company and held in English. The physical introduction for Virus/Love is based on the choreography in Guy Weizman's and Roni Haver's creation "Love".

These 45 minute physical explorations are a way of entering and experiencing various choreographic approaches, movement principles and aesthetic signatures. The physical engagement of audience members allows for a different perceptual contact with the performance.

We invite all interested audience members to join us. No previous knowledge required. Comfortable clothes and shoes advisable but not obligatory.

Free admission with ticket, limited number of places – max. 60 people per occasion.

Dates for the physical introductions:

  •     15/10 – 17.45–18.30 (Sabine Groenendijk & Tsung-Hsien Chen)
  •     24/10 – 17.45–18.30 (Anna Ozerskaia, Takuya Fujisawa & Toby Kassell)
  •     27/10 - 16.45–17.30 (Sabine Groenendijk & Takuya Fujisawa)
  •     2/11 - 16.45–17.30 (Anna Ozerskaia, Takuya Fujisawa & Toby Kassell )

Book your ticket to the physical introduction here

After-talk, Sunday 27 October

Right after the show on October 27 there will be an after-talk with the dancers and artistic director Katrín Hall on the main stage. Then you get the possibility to ask questions and share your thoughts about the show. Be sure to book tickets for this evening if you want to learn more about the two works and the dance company.  Anna Karlander will lead the after-talk.

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