Twelfth Night Concert and Ball

5 January 2020
  • Concert
  • 5 jan 2020, Main Stage.
  • Ensemble


    Martin Nagashima Toft
    Soloists from the Göteborg Opera
    The Göteborg Opera Chorus
    The Göteborg Opera Orchestra
    The Göteborg Opera Wienerkapell
    Stardust Big Swing Band
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Twelfth Night Concert and Ball

Only the best will do.

Experience an unforgettable Twelfth Night, overflowing with fantastic music, food and drink. This Twelfth Night Concert will be a powerful experience, with famous choral pieces from favourite operas and musicals. The 46 opera singers from the Göteborg Opera Chorus will present a wide range of beloved pieces ranging from the tender Easter Hymn from ”Cavalleria rusticana” to the rustic and grandiose Prisoner’s Chorus from ”Nabucco”. Conductor and Choir Master Martin Nagashima Toft has worked as a musical director and conductor at opera houses and symphony orchestras throughout Europe.

After the concert, the Main Stage will be transformed into a ballroom, where the Göteborg Opera’s Viennese Orchestra will strike up some dance music, and later pass the baton to Stardust Big Swing Band, featuring guest artists. As the dancers sweep by, you’ll see tail-coats, tuxedos, full-length silk gowns, black sheath dresses and kilts – dress in whatever you think is beautiful!

Food and drink

Top off the evening with something delicious from our specially designed menus, which you can enjoy both before or after the concert. Our restaurant, Opera Bar and cafés each have their own menu. Most of the dinner options must be pre-booked and we recommend that you arrange this well in advance. 

Restaurant booking service: +46 31 13 13 00

Pre-concert Menu – Restaurant
Served before the concert, seating 4.00–4.30pm
SEK 895

Duck rillette confit with slow-baked celeriac in rosemary browned butter, truffle mayonnaise, roasted macadamia nut, deep-fried pearl onions and pickled red endive

Baked back of cod with pureed roasted celeriac, smoked veal jus, deep-fried leek and pickled lemon onions

Whipped buckthorn ganache with baked chocolate crème, hazelnut meringue and tart raspberry string candy

Pre-concert buffet – Opera Bar
Served before the concert, seating 4.00–4.30pm
SEK 695

Morel soup – crispy smoke-cured sausage


  • Blinis with whitefish roe, smetana and red onion
  • Grilled flank steak with truffle bearnaise 
  • The Opera’s luxurious shellfish cake topped with smoked trout roe 
  • Blackened salmon with porcini mushroom crème and parmesan chips
  • Broiled duck breast with artichoke crème
  • Goat cheese pie with beets
  • Caesar salad with croutons
  • Creamy potato salad
  • Deep-fried truffle risotto
  • Roasted root vegetables and pomegranate
  • Bread roll, butter and cheese


  • Buckthorn ganache
  • Popping chocolate mousse

Evening menu – Restaurant
Served after the concert, from 9.00pm

The restaurant takes drop-in guests up until midnight.

Cauliflower and truffle soup with butter fried wild mushrooms and herb salad
SEK 198

Charcuterie and cheese board with olives and bread
SEK 229

The Opera’s shrimp sandwich on organic Danish rye bread with horse-radish mayonnaise
SEK 219

Bookmaker on butter fried bread with Dijon crème, egg yolk, horse-radish and chips
SEK 249

Prawn sandwich & drink, SEK 349

You can also choose to a prawn sandwich with a glass of white wine or mineral water.

The sandwich & drink must be pre-booked via our booking service (using the link below) and is served at places outside the Upper Stalls and 1st Balcony at 5.15pm. Limited places available.


Dance classes, SEK 100

In conjunction with the Twelfth Night Concert and Ball, we also offer dance classes where you can learn the basics of the foxtrot and the waltz … or brush up on your skills.

The classes will be given on four occasions:

  • Thursday 2 Jan, 6.00pm and 7.30pm
  • Friday 3 Jan, 6.00pm and 7.30pm

Buy tickets to the classes here

Note: "Följare" means follow and "Förare" means lead

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