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5 January 2019
  • Concert
  • 5 jan 2019, Main Stage.
  • Ensemble


    Valentina Peleggi
    Frida Engström
    Kerstin Avemo
    Katarina Karnéus
    Joachim Bäckström
    Bass / Bass-baritone
    Anders Lorentzson
    Musical artists
    Max Jansson, Magnus Lundgren, Anna Salonen, Micaela Sjöstedt, Jacob Walleberg, Anna Werner
    Students from the Swedish Ballet School
    Lars-Erik Persson
    The Göteborg Opera Orchestra
    Conncert Master, GöteborgsOperans Orkester
    Dieter Schöning
    GöteborgsOperans Wienerkapell, led by Dieter Schöning
    Startdust Big Swing Band
    Band master, Startdust Big Swing Band
    Jan Eliason
    Vocalists, Startdust Big Swing Band
    Erik Gullbransson, Smoke Rings Sisters
    Piano, in the foyer
    Bernard Matracki

Twelfth Night Concert and Ball

Vive Offenbach!

Experience an unforgettable Twelfth Night, overflowing with fantastic music and delicious food and drink. A magical winter’s evening featuring a tailor-made concert in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of operetta maestro Jacques Offenbach. After the concert, the Main Stage will be transformed into a ballroom, where the Göteborg Opera’s Viennese Orchestra will strike up some dance music, and later pass the baton to Stardust Big Swing Band, featuring guest artists. As the dancers sweep past you’ll see tail-coats, tuxedos, full-length silk gowns, black sheath dresses and kilts – dress in whatever you think is beautiful!


  • 4.00pm: Restaurant and OperaBar open (pre-booked guests only - see below).
  • 5.45pm: Café opens, or 5.15 pm for guests who have pre-ordered the shrimp sandwich (see below for booking).
  • 6.00pm: Welcome drink served in the foyer
  • 7.00pm: The concert begins
  • 9.20pm (approx.): Ball begins on the Main Stage
  • 12.30am: Event closes

After the concert, the restaurant, café and bar will be open for light refreshments. Limited seating.

Dance classes

We also offer dance classes in conjunction with the Twelfth Night Concert and Ball, where you can learn the basics (or brush up your skills) for foxtrot and waltz.

Lessons will be held in the foyer on four occasions:

  • 2 Jan at 6pm, and again at 7.30pm
  • 4 Jan at 6pm, and again at 7.30pm

Tickets must be booked in advance via our box office on tel. +46 31 13 13 00.
SEK 100 per person and occasion.

Food & drink

Choose for yourself whether to top off the evening with something delicious from the Göteborg Opera’s specially designed menus which are served before or after the concert. The restaurant, Opera Bar and cafés each have their own menu. Most of the dinner options must be pre-booked and we recommend that you arrange this well in advance.

Pre-concert Menu – Restaurant

N.B. The pre-concert menu service is now fully booked!

Served before the concert, seating 4–4.30pm
SEK 795

Starter – Duck thigh terrine flavoured with duck liver from Swedish ducks, served with feta cheese, pear jelly and pickled yellow beet emulsion

Main Course – Baked back of cod with roasted cauliflower crème, black salsify, sea butter and browned butter foam

Dessert – Hazelnut and Oriado mousse on salted almond base with blueberry and lime variation

Pre-concert buffet – Opera Bar.
N.B. The Opera Bar is now fully booked!

Served before the concert, seating 4–4.30pm
SEK 595

  • Blinis with whitefish roe, smetana and red onion
  • Grilled beef tartar with truffle and tarragon crème
  • The Opera’s luxurious shellfish cake topped with trout roe
  • Sesame blackened salmon with wasabi crème and soy pearls
  • Duck terrine with mushroom crème and artichoke chips 
  • Warm, baked side of pork with cauliflower crème and kale chips
  • Caesar salad with croutons
  • Creamy potato salad
  • Tomato and feta cheese salad
  • Bread roll, butter and cheese


  • Mini crème brûlée
  • Mini cones with hazelnut mousse

Evening menu – Restaurant
Served after the concert

Tables in the restaurant for directly after the concert are already fully booked, but the restaurant takes drop-in guests up until midnight.

Cauliflower and truffle soup with butter fried wild mushrooms and herb salad
SEK 198

Charcuterie and cheese platter with olives and bread
SEK 189

The Opera’s shrimp sandwich on organic Danish rye bread with horse-radish mayonnaise
SEK 198

Bookmaker on butter fried bread with Dijon crème, egg yolk, horse-radish and chips
SEK 198

Hazelnut and Oriado mousse on salted almond base with blueberry and lime variation
SEK 98

Shrimp sandwich & drink, SEK 349

You can also choose to the Göteborg Opera’s shrimp sandwich with a glass of white wine or mineral water.

The sandwich & drink must be pre-booked via our booking service (using the link below) and is served at places outside the Upper Stalls and 1st Balcony at 5.15pm. Limited places available.

Book Shrimp Sandwich here

5 January 2019


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