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Sleeping Beauty

Thursday, December 15th is the Day Performance and starts at 12.30. The Restaurant is open both before and after the show. Link to menu

Dance. Mats Ek’s version of Sleeping Beauty is a modern classic. It is both a fairytale and a timeless story of a young woman. All presented to Tchaikovsky's amazing music.

Revival premiere December 7, 2011

“Splendid magnetism from the stage.” DN
“ Poetic and superb dancing.” GP
“The Göteborg Opera Ballet is doing everything just right at the moment.” SvD
“Likely to be one of this year’s truly successful productions.” DN
“Enough to make a Stockholmer jealous.” SvD
“The ensemble dances beautifully and intelligently.” Expr/GT
“Mats Ek’s choreographic storytelling is outstanding.” GP
“Very enjoyable Sleeping Beauty.” SvD

Watch a movie from the performance.

Our fairytales are about major things, death, love, jealousy, revenge. But there is also a mystery hidden in the story of Sleeping Beauty, and it is precisely that which Sweden’s internationally most esteemed choreographer, Mats Ek, has grasped. A mystery involving the prick and sleep.

At the same time it was the ballet with Tchaikovsky’s classical music – which here is performed by The Göteborg Opera Orchestra – which Mats Ek took as his starting point when creating Sleeping Beauty in 1996. Fairies, witch and prince would all be included. Ek lived at that time for a period in Zürich, Switzerland. One day on his way to the theatre he passed a young woman in a park, a drug addict, and she was walking as if in her sleep. For him she became Sleeping Beauty. The radical reinterpretation of the fairytale has become an international classic and now has its new premier at The Göteborg Opera.

The darkness, love and the scenic poetry amounts here to an entity that will not leave anyone unmoved. We follow Sleeping Beauty from her parents finding each other, having their eagerly-awaited baby girl and a funny little car, going on a picnic and living their day to day life. Until Sleeping Beauty must go her own way and leave home… meets a male witch, becomes pregnant, has a child, falls in love …

There is a mix of seriousness and humour in this contemporary timeless ballet – for example, the fairies are priceless, like the Silver fairy wearing a bikini and sunglasses with a transistor radio on her shoulder or the unruly Ruby fairy with a cowboy hat. And for anyone needing an imaginative recipe for fish soup, Sleeping Beauty is even able to offer this!

Törnrosa 2009/2010.Mairko Kida (Aurora).
Mairko Kida (Aurora).

Watch pictures from the perfromance.

Mats Ek, choreographer.

Mats Ek, koreograf

Mats Ek (f 1945) har ända sedan slutet av 1980-talet varit ett av den internationella dansvärldens viktigaste namn. Genombrottet som koreograf kom 1978 på Stora Teatern i Göteborg med S:t Göran och draken. I elva år, 1982–1993, var Mats Ek Cullbergbalettens konstnärlige ledare, där han själv började som dansare 1973.

För Cullbergbaletten skapade han ett tjugotal dansverk, bland annat flera rosade nytolkningar av de stora balettklassikerna så som Giselle (1982) och Svansjön (1987). Dessa har sedan dess dansats över hela världen av Cullbergbaletten.

Sedan 1993 arbetar han som frilansande koreograf och regissör och har bland annat skapat verk för Nederlands Dans Theater, Hamburgbaletten, Compañia Nacional de Danza och Parisoperans balett.

Som regissör har han gjort uppmärksammade dansteatertolkningar av klassiker som Don Juan (1999), Andromaque (2002), Köpmannen i Venedig (2004) och Ett drömspel (2007) på Dramaten. För Stockholms Stadsteater/Unga Klara har han satt upp sin egen pjäs Dans med nästan (1993) och nu senast Hållplats (2009). År 2007 regisserade han sin första opera, Orphée, på Kungliga Operan i Stockholm, en uppsättning som gav honom Svenska Dagbladets Operapris 2008. Han tilldelades även Dramatens Ingmar Bergman-stipendium 2009.

GöteborgsOperans Balett har tidigare dansat Mats Eks Giselle (1999) och Hon var svart (2007). Törnrosa skapades för Hamburgbaletten 1996 och har sedan dess även funnits på Cullbergbalettens repertoar. Under våren 1999 spelades föreställningen in för tv i ett samarbete med SVT Drama. Tv-produktionen belönades med bland annat The Golden Prague och Prix Italia.

Special menu for the performance December 15.

Two Course Lunch Menu

Boeuf Bourgignon with mushrooms, bacon and onion, served with pureed potatoes flavoured with thyme

Chocolate mousse flavoured with oranges, and candied nuts

Sek 159.00


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2011/2012
  • First show: 7 Dec 2011
  • Last show: 29 Dec 2011
  • Location:

    Main Stage

  • Length: aprox 2 hours and 15 minutes incl pause.


Conductor   Alexander Polianichko
Choreography   Mats Ek
Set- and costume design   Peder Freij
Light design   Göran Westrup, Erik Berglund
The Göteborg Ballet
The Göteborg Orchestra


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