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Together (T) in our mind

  • Dance
  • 10 mar 2019, Small Stage.

Together (T) in our mind

A contemporary dance performance at the Gothenburg Opera on March 10, 2019 created by, with and for future dancers from the Swedish Ballet School.

”Together (T) in our mind” is about a community that we find by creating something together; about everyone's equivalence and the mutual respect for each other's differences.  We have trust in one another which allows us to follow along the common streams of movement, memories and new challenges. We dare to grow in a feeling and follow our innermost core to the extreme. Differences and similarities create the whole in thought and mind, and it is conveyed through the body of the dancers. The dance stands for itself and speaks its own language.

Nina Höglund, Head of the Contemporary Faculty
Emmy Jonsson

”In these new creations, the students are given the opportunity to be challenged artistically and physically based on age, maturity and dance development. They have the opportunity to use different expressions and thereby start to challenge their thinking. It takes courage to dare to show ones personal expression in the creative process, performed in the context of the new creations.”

During their education the dancers and performing artists will meet and collaborate with prominent contemporary dancers and choreographers: dancers and choreographers who in their artistic work prioritize the work regarding creative processes, and who challenge the norms that can be perceived as limiting, in the search and exploration of new discoveries.

The collaboration with the Gothenburg Opera Dance Company and the performance on the Gothenburg Opera’s small stage, gives the students close contact with the profession. The pupils are given the opportunity to develop their creativity in close cooperation with the professional dancers and choreographers.

Minnen och Schh!

Choreography: Camilla Wiehen 


Choreography: Jenny Malmborg 

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.


Choreography: Heidi Viertaler 

I/You/We The Future  

Choreography: Toby Kassell, Ingeborg Zackariassen

The Future is a new work commissioned by the Swedish Ballet school. Our approach to making this piece was to simulate a professional environment to teach and prepare the students for a potential contemporary creation within a company. The dancers have been responsible for writing all the spoken text and creating all the movement that they dance. As choreographers we have composed and organized this material into the frame presented in this performance. We believe that creativity is the most vital of all the tools necessary in the world of dance today.

Fear of separation 

Choreography: April Aurivillius

Nubes sin caras

Choreography: Carla Mardones Ekberg

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