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Tjolahopp, tjolahej!

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Concert. Family concert with music from Astrid Lindgren's fantastic stories

Astrid Lindgren was not just a writer of fantastic stories; she also wrote the lyrics to all the songs in her plays and films. The musical scores for these songs were composed by some of Sweden's most eminent composers, including Georg Riedel and Jan Johansson. As the grand finale of a season dedicated to children and young people, The Göteborg Opera invites the whole family to an enjoyable concert based on music by Astrid Lindgren . In Tjolahopp, tjolahej! we get to hear music from Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Longstocking), Karlsson på taket (Karlsson-on-the-Roof), Ronja Rövardotter (Ronia the Robber's Daughter), Madicken, Saltkråkan (Seacrow Island) and Emil i Lönneberga (Emil of Lönneberga), among others.

Mia Ringblom Hjertner, musical artist, director and head of the Youth department at The Göteborg Opera, has selected both famous songs and songs rarely performed. Guest soloists perform alongside soloists from The Göteborg Opera, The Göteborg Opera Chorus, Children's Chorus and Orchestra. The night will be filled with fond memories and new discoveries for both old and young. Alexander Hanson will be conducting.

Watch a clip from the rehearsal.

Tjolahopp, Tjolahej! Menu


Salmon pickled with beetroots, served on dark rye break with caper, cucumber, dill and mustard sauce


Fried corn fed chicken with roasted Amandine potatoes, braised side pork, ragout on apple and wild cabbage, served with cider sauce

SEK 265.00

Children’s Buffet

Meatballs with cream sauce
Baked breaded fish
Mashed potatoes
Remoulade sauce
Tomatoes and cucumber


SEK 49.00


  • Genre: Concert
  • Season: 2011/2012
  • First show: 20 Apr 2012
  • Last show: 29 Apr 2012
  • Location:

    Main Stage

  • Length: Aprox. 1 tim and 50 min, incl. intermission

Conductor   Alexander Hanson
Direction   Mia Ringblom Hjertner
Set- and costume design   Lars-Peder Lindström
Light Design   Karin Wijk

Pippi Longstocking   Hanna Brehmer
Karlsson-on-the-Roof   Tobias Ahlsell
Soloist   Annica Edstam
Soloist   Lars Hjertner
Soloist   Sven Törnell
Soloist   Joan Alderman
Dancer*   Monika Milocco
Dancer*   Mattias Olaison
Dancer   Kerstin Olsen
The Göteborg Opera Chorus
The Göteborg Opera Orchestra
The Göteborg Opera Children's Chorus
* The Göteborg Ballet