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Der Rosenkavalier

Der Rosenkavalier

"With three Swedish Met-singers in the leading roles it is at times unbearably beautiful." SvD

"A production that should gain international acclaim." DN

"Will surely take its rightful place in Swedish Opera History." Borås Tidning

"The Opera event of the autumn, a production of highest international class." SVT

"The most complete, thought out performance I have ever seen at the Göteborg Opera." Radio Gbg

Baron von Ochs, who loses his fiancée and is wounded in a duel, all within a short space of time, philosophises on life. We get to follow the twists and turns in connection with Baron von Ochs’s attempts at proposing to the beautiful Miss Sophie. We will see how Octavian, receiving the glorious assignment of delivering the proposal of marriage by handing over a silver rose, falls in love with Sophie himself. We will be laughing at von Ochs as he flirts with a maid, in actual fact Octavian dressed up in women’s clothes. Perhaps the Baron is right: anything can happen in Vienna.

Is Der Rosenkavalier a comedy? Indeed, but it is also a slightly melancholy reflection on the inexorable progress of time, on the fact that no one escapes ageing.

When the performance starts the Marschallin and Octavian have just woken up after a night of passion. In the midst of all the joy, however, lies the seed of sorrow; the Marschallin predicts that Octavian will soon be leaving her for a younger, more beautiful woman.

The cast includes Nina Stemme, Katarina Karnéus, Camilla Tilling and Anders Lorentzson

Conductor: Olaf Henzhold
Director: Yannis Houvardas
Set Design: Lars-Åke Thessman
Costumes: Karin Erskine
Lighting: Torkel Blomkvist


Olaf Henzold
Siegfried Köhler 12/12, 31/12, 24/1

Die Feldmarschallin Fürstin Werdenberg
Nina Stemme

Der Baron Ochs auf Lerchenau
Anders Lorentzson

Katarina Karnéus 23/11-28/12
Kristina Hammarström 31/12-24/1-03

Herr von Faninal
Mats Persson
Obs! Fredag 24/1 sjunger Anders Bergström

Camilla Tilling
Obs! Fredag 24/1 sjunger Kristina Hansson

Marianne Leitmetzer
Grith Fjeldmose

Ingemar Andersson

Marianne Schell

Polizeikommisar, Ein Notar
Peter Loguin

Der Haushofmeister, Ein Wirt
Sten Pernmyr

Thomas Ruud

GöteborgsOperans orkester

Med reservation för ev. ändringar.


Olaf Henzhold
Siegfried Köhler

Yannis Houvardas

Lars-Åke Thessman

Karin Erskine

Torkel Blomkvist


  • Genre: Opera
  • Season: 2002/2003
  • Location:

    Main Stage

  • Length: Approx. 2 hours 15 minutes 2 intervals
  • Introduction:1 hour prior to performance
  • Info:Göteborg Main Stage