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Guest performance by Semperoper Ballett
  • Dance
  • 24 jun 2016, Main Stage.
  • Duration: Approximately 2 h 10 min incl intermission
  • Ensemble


    Alexander Hanson
    Stijn Celis
    Sergej Prokofjev
    Costume design
    Catherine Voeffray
    Set and lighting design
    Jan Versweyveld
    Stefan Ulrich


    Semperoper Ballett
    Romeo (2-3/6)
    István Simon
    Romeo (4/6)
    Jón Vallejo
    Juliet (2-3/6)
    Anna Merkulova
    Juliet (4/6)
    Duosi Zhu
    Mercutio (2-3/6)
    Jón Vallejo
    Mercutio (4/6)
    Craig Davidson
    Alejandro Martínez
    Tybalt (2-3/6)
    Fabien Voranger
    Tybalt (4/6)
    Laurent Guilbaud
    Lady Capulet (2-3/6)
    Elena Vostrotina
    Lady Capulet (4/6)
    Sangeun Lee
    Christian Bauch
    Ana Presta
    Mercutio's friend
    Raquél Martínez
    Friar Laurence
    Casey Ouzounis
    Milán Madar
    Aidan Gibson
    An old man (Capulet)
    Hannes-Detlef Vogel
    Lady Montague / A nun
    Carola Schwab
    Montague / A priest
    Ralf Arndt
    A priest
    Emanuele Corsini
    Master of Ceremonies
    Houston Thomas
    GöteborgsOperans Orkester


Guest performance: A classic in new clothes. Semperoper Dresden’s amazing ballet ensemble will visit us to present this classic title, with new choreography by Gothenburg favourite Stijn Celis.

Trailer from Semperoper Dresden
Stijn Celis

The Belgian choreographer Stijn Celis’ modern interpretation of Shakespeare's tragic love story is a three-act drama for you to be consumed by and enjoy. The costumes reflect current fashions but the emotions are the same as in the original story: fervent love, rivalry and enmity between the families Capulet and Montague.

Conductor Alexander Hanson stands on the podium when The Göteborg Opera Orchestra takes on Prokofiev’s emotionally powerful music.

This guest appearance is an international exchange between the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani and Dresden’s Semperoper Ballett, which we have previously visited with our programme Spirit.


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