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PUSH!2 The Next Step

PUSH!2 The Next Step

Göteborg Ballet dances at Röda Sten.
Three ballets by three choreographers.

The Göteborg Opera and Kulturprojekt Röda Sten, two dynamic cultural institutions by Göta Älv, are now joining forces with PUSH!2 to find new ways to reach the audience. We want to explore the inner soul of a performance and challenge people's conceptions about dance by using videos as a tool. At Röda Sten we will meet a completely different audience than in the opera house, an audience that is particularly open to new influences, bold ventures and unconventional moves – to our mutual joy and progression.

Already last spring Kevin Irving presented his production Push! at the Göteborg Opera Small Stage. The move to interfoliate works by three different choreographers with an intimate analysis of the dancer's everyday life was something new and innovative. The production attracted much attention, and has since been staged on several stages in Sweden.

LEFT UNSAID by Nicolo Fonte
Music: J S Bach
Set Design: Nicolo Fonte
Costume: Kathy Scoggins
Lighting: Todd Elmer

CHAMELEON by Itzik Galili. Swedish premiere!
Music: John Cage
Costume: Natasja Lansen
Lighting: Itzik Galili
Staging: Astrid Posner

mindspace by Regina van Berkel. World premiere!
Music: Vladislav Delay
Set Design & Lighting: Dietmar Janeck
Costume: Regina van Berkel


LEFT UNSAID av Nicolo Fonte
Musik: J S Bach
Scenografi: Nicolo Fonte
Kostym: Kathy Scoggins
Ljus: Todd Elmer

CHAMELEON av Itzik Galili. Sverigepremiär!
Musik: John Cage
Kostym: Natasja Lansen
Scenografi och ljus: Itzik Galili

mindspace av Regina van Berkel. Världspremiär!
Musik: Vladislav Delay
Scenografi och ljus: Dietmar Janeck
Kostym: Regina van Berkel


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2004/2005
  • First show: 5 May 2005
  • Last show: 15 May 2005
  • Location:
  • Length: 2 h incl. interval
  • Info:Göteborg, Röda Sten