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Live-dance-installations, video installations and photo exhibition by GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.

Outland is a site-specific project by GöteborgsOperans Danskompani. Outland is a part of Wonderland – Weird and Wonderful, The Göteborg Opera’s Dance Season 2014/2015. All individual works relate to the phenomenon of the subconscious and our relation to reality. 

Me, Myself and Eye

Exhibition Me, Myself and Eye shown in the context of Outland

Idea and concept

Adolphe Binder, in collaboration with some of the dancers of GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.

Me, Myself and Eye reflects on the 'I', the not-I, the Self (our inner and outer projections onto it), identity, the person(a), the perception and the shadow.

Read more of Adolphe Binder's thoughts on the exhibition

live dance installations

The installations are presented in non-proscenium theatrical spaces. The performers from the dance company will explore working methods, content, and spatial compositions that are informed by the physical locations the installations happen in. The audience can be mobile (walking around) or seated, depending on the space and intention of the specific installation.

The installations are works in progress, and the method, content, and physical space will change and evolve from one presentation to the next.

The installations - the dance, sound, and environment the installation happens in encompass both the audience and performers. The audience moves on their own will and experiences the installation from the perspectives they wish to view it from.

The first of GöteborgsOperans Danskompani’s Outland series of presentations took place in the Atrium space at the School of Architecture Building (Sven Hultins Gata 6) on the Johanneberg Campus of Chalmers University of Technology. They continue in The Göteborg Opera foyer in February.

By Ingeborg Zackariassen

An Antechamber consists of three different parts; an improvisational work, a video installation and a sound-motion composition.

Read more about the creative process and some thoughts on An Antechamber

The origin of the ideas behind this project is based on a continuous collaboration between Johan Jutterström, Toby Kassell, Linda Olah and Ingeborg Zackariassen. With Anna Altès, Janine Koertge, Heather Telford, David Wilde and Ingeborg Zackariassen . Video work Heather Telford.

Sound-motion composition Johan Jutterström and Ingeborg Zackariassen.

Video installations in the foyer

Four films by GöteborgsOperans Danskompani. Take a seat in the booths and let yourself be drawn into our dancers’ reflections of the subconscious! The films will be playing while the restaurant serves lunch and prior to evening performances.

Video installations on display are: 

Replaced Vision (2013), by Harumi Terayama
What is sight? Is it possible to see without using your eyes?

Pieces (2014), by Harumi Terayama and Nigel Campbell

Pieces of a day
Pieces of a person
Pieces of a dream
A piece of mind …

(Im)permanence, by Heather Telford (2014)

Look closer… Nothing is as it seems. Every reality is more complicated than it appears to be. How many invisible strings are attached to the voices in our heads? I begin tilting all the oranges of my thoughts in lines like streams. Out the window snow is falling straight down. The lines fall faster now … fate has put weights on the ends to speed us up. Miracles slip past us, memories are the only things we try to hang onto knowing that they are of the intangible kind. It’s threads, so deeply sewn into our shadows. We are on a continuous momentum of beginnings and endings that shift to dissolve.

mindsight (2014) by Meritxell Aumedes Molinero, guest

A reflection on the way we perceive reality. It is inspired by different quantum theory concepts, such as non-locality or entanglement, which have been applied to movement and image. An opening to the possibility of multiple worlds and multiple times, and what it would take to establish a connection of a different kind. Is it possible to achieve a new awareness that allows the limitations of our consciousness to expand?

Lins & Ande (2014), by Meritxell Aumedes Molinero, guest

Lins & Ande, which refers to the double meaning of lentil and lens, is a playful visualisation on five screens where five dancers reflect upon the connection of mind and spirit. This audiovisual installation has been originally developed in conjunction with Frekvens, the stage piece by Peter Svenzon created for Northern (de)Lights.

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