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Out of time

Dancing with time.

The Fort

Creation by Jo Strømgren

Rehearsals for The Fort

It’s just another day for the Canadian Mounted Police – if it wasn’t for the fact that all the horses seem to have escaped. Chaos reigns supreme and nothing is as it seems. Or is it? 

The works of Norwegian choreographer Jo Strømgren are synonymous with absurdity, irony and unexpected twists – always underpinned by a sharp social critique. His previous works for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani have earned praise such as “world class”, “spot-on” and “pure genius”. In this production he plays around with boys’-own literature of the 1950s, mixed together with imaginative choreography and film-inspired music.

Co-production with the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet.

A greeting from Jo Strømgren


Creation by Christine Gouzelis and Paul Blackman

Rehearsals for Continuim

Please note that you will experience blinking lights (not stroboscope) during the second creation of the evening, Continuim. Some people may experience it as being unsettling. 

Athens-based choreographers Christine Gouzelis and Paul Blackman run Jukstapoz Company together. The duo’s works are rich in contrast, ranging from the serious to the playfully absurd, with chaos and harmony as central themes. They surprise the audience with new perspectives and imaginative atmospheres. 

In this work for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, the choreographers explore the concept of time: 

"'Continuim' evolves around human natures ability to adapt within forever changing circumstances. In honouring beauty, vulnerability and destruction, the dancers are continuously interrupted by the unstoppable force of time. Time is our playground, as we try to re-make or unravel history."

A greeting from Christine Gouzelis and Paul Blackman

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