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  • Musical
  • 14 sep 201926 apr 2020, Main Stage.
  • Duration: 2 hours and 55 minutes, including 1 interval.
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    Conductor and musical direction
    Bjorn Dobbelaere
    Susanne Vibæck Svanekier
    Martin Nagashima Toft
    Direction and choreography
    Fredrik Benke Rydman
    Victoria Brattström
    Set design
    Frida Arvidsson
    Costume design
    Lehna Edwall
    Lighting design
    Tobias Hallgren
    Orchestra arrangement
    William David Brohn
    Sound design
    Dennis Barkevall


    Mathias Graffner
    Pontus Sköldberg
    Viktor Werlenius
    Wilmer Hellsten
    Max Johnsson
    Enis Syla
    David Lundqvist
    Caroline Gustafsson
    Bill Sikes
    Tobias Ahlsell
    Mr. Bumble
    Markus Pettersson
    Widow Corney
    Anna-Maria Hallgarn
    Mr. Sowerberry
    Lars Bethke
    Mrs. Sowerberry
    Åsa Fång
    Charlotte Sowerberry
    Emilia Hallstensson
    Noah Claypole
    Nils Reinholtz
    Sigrid Thomas Lyri
    Mr. Brownlow
    Lars Hjertner
    Old Sally
    Ingahlill Wagelin
    Mrs. Bedwin
    Kajsa Reingardt
    Dr. Grimwig
    Ole Forsberg
    Ensemble / Cover, Bumble
    Jacob Andréas
    Ensemble / Cover, Charlotte
    Kyra Bergman
    Markus Christensen
    Amalie Eggen
    Alvaro Estrella
    Ensemble / Cover, Noah
    Rasmus Hanák
    Ensemble / Cover, Bet
    Rudina Hatipi
    Hanna Holmgren Pettersson
    Ann Mirro
    Ensemble / Cover, Fagin
    Nils Närman Svensson
    Ensemble / Cover, Brownlow
    Johan Rudebeck
    Ensemble / Cover, Mrs. Bedwin
    Anna Salonen
    Ensemble / Cover, Nancy
    Karin Mårtenson Ghods
    Ensemble / Cover, Corney
    Kattis Trollregn
    Ensemble / Cover, Sikes
    Andreas Vilsmyr
    Ensemble / Cover, Mr Sowerberry & Mr Grimwig
    Johan Wennerstrand
    Pontus Wonkavaara
    Ensemble / Cover, Mrs Sowerberry & Sally
    Lina Zerpe
    Children’s ensemble
    Ivar Afzelius, Theo Axelsson, Theodor Barasin Andersson, Mia Louise Barjasic, Estelle Bengtsson, Febe Bergenkull, Tilda Bergenkull, Alexander Bohre, Saga Borg Högvall, Allie Brehmer, Benjamin Ekenved Jallow, Malin Ellmark, Stina Estling, Filippa Fabo, Joel Fagerlund, Knut Fernström, Joline Forsberg Bruno Fovaeus, Irma Gallardo Linderstål, Alvin Gillberg, Clara Gimenez Bahl, Lova Hallbäck, Vilmer Jendevi, Nathanael Karlsson, Gustav Kjelbye, Theodor Klingstam, Ella Krabbe, Amanda Kurkinen, Jack Lagerström Nilsson, Cornelia Lindström, Jassi Lundberg Singh
    Darius Manzoor, Luka Marinov, Philip Mathiesen, Thelma Modig, Nova Moen, Joshua Nandra, Jonathan Nåfors Dahlin, Beda Odlöw Nyberg, Karin Olsson, Vide Palmgren Berisson, Sofia Reinedahl, Ester Sandnil, Mia Sasaki, Hedwig Signert, Leo Stadelman Andréas, Felix Steffensen, Matilda Stenman, Ada Strandberg, Stina Ström, Alva Sung, Selma Svenner, Julia Sziranyi, Alva Tvete Vik, Jack Ullman, Andrea Waernqvist, Moa Wessberg, Agnes Westin, Tristan Widmark, Elva Vigfusdottir, Iza Wingård, Tim Wingård, Kate Åkervall
    The Göteborg Opera Orchestra


Musical by Lionel Bart.

Fredrik Benke Rydman’s version of this beloved musical, based on the celebrated novel by Charles Dickens.

Music and text Lionel Bart (1930–1999) based on Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist.

Performed in Swedish. Surtitles in Swedish and English.
New Swedish translation by Ulricha Johnson.

Oliver! trailer
”Unsentimental and street-smart”GT/Expressen
”Fantastic performances”Göteborgs-Posten
”Benke Rydman has done everything right”GT/Expressen
”Both brilliant and moving”Svenska Dagbladet

The homeless orphan Oliver Twist has a very hard life, cast around like a worthless token between people and situations. Each time he gets a break, the glimmer of hope is extinguished, casting him back into the depths of despair. Yet even in the depths he finds warmth and kindness: Nancy, the “tart with a heart”, and Fagin – pragmatist, survivor and master pickpocket. Can Oliver trust anyone?

Fredrik Benke Rydman, the acclaimed founder of the ground-breaking dance company Bounce, has a string of successes to his name. With his background in street dance and his unwavering belief in children’s abilities, he’s the perfect choice to add a new dimension to Lionel Bart’s poignant musical. Benke Rydman and his team cleverly reveal the vast chasm between children’s and adults’ perspectives. It’s a world infused with crackling energy, imaginative freedom and stunning dance performances. In the lead up to ”Oliver!, 100 children aged 6 to 11 have participated in a year-long ”Oliver School” run at the Göteborg Opera – with free classes in song, dance and acting. Sixty of these children divided into three groups will perform in the production; among them the two main roles Oliver and Dodger.

The world premiere of ”Oliver!” took place in London’s West End in 1960. The film version of the musical won 6 Oscars in 1969. The songs include Food Glorious Food, Consider yourself, I'd do anything, You've got to pick a pocket or two, Oom-pah-pah and Where is love?  
Get ready ... for ”Oliver!”

“Oliver! is a fantastic musical, now presented for the first time in Gothenburg. It puts children center stage and is characterized by a raw nerve, wit and street energy that is typical for both London and Gothenburg.”Stephen Langridge, Artistic Director Opera/Drama 2013–June 2019

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