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NUdans Extended

Dance. Graduate students from professional dance courses collaborate on new works created especially for them by choreographers/dancers from GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.

World premiere 6 February 2015

4 performances. Runs until 8 February
Small Stage.

13 of Sweden's most promising young dancers are taking over The Göteborg Opera. Four choreographers from GöteborgsOperans Danskompani have each created a piece on the theme of the season Wonderland – weird & wonderful.

NUdans is a season-based dance company. In 2015 it consists of 13 graduate students from three of Sweden's professional dance schools plus a guest dancer from GöteborgsOperans Danskompani. For four weeks, they accompany GöteborgsOperans Danskompani and work on a production created exclusively for them by our dancers. The students come from the Royal Swedish Ballet School, Balettakademien in Gothenburg and Balettakademien in Stockholm.
Choreographers/dancers from GöteborgsOperans Danskompani are Astrid Boons, Jim De Block, Jérome Delbey and Simone Deriu.

For several years now, NUdans has been well established at The Göteborg Opera. It is all about a collaboration between The Göteborg Opera and dance training schemes, in which pupils from various schools converge on The Göteborg Opera's Small Stage and collaborate on new works that are created especially for them by choreographers/dancers from GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.

Coordinator NUdans Extended 2015 Liselott Berg

Before the distances they pin evaporate
by Astrid Boons

Three women search within themselves, realizing their inner multiplicity and the vagueness to define who they truly are. Every individual discovery opens a new space for self-exploration, creating an unending loop of transformation, resembling the experience of life. The audience shares a glimpse of their journey.

Boons, Astrid_7086
Astrid BoonsJoakim Roos/Moment
Before the distances they pin evaporate by Astrid Boons; Emma Rehnberg; Josefin Hedman; Maria HultgrenTilo Stengel

Jim De BlockTilo Stengel

A mind's echo
by Jim De Block

A mind’s echo is an exploration into the unreliability of our own memories. I was inspired by how memories can evolve and change over time. Memory is reconstructive, not reproductive. Studies show that we do not only suffer from memory loss over time but there is peculiar memory addition as well. We actually fabricate certain details of the recollections in our mind. How do we know if what we remember is accurate? This ought to give us pause regarding our own memories, especially when they conflict with someone else’s. Are we often wrong but never in doubt? For the set design I started by deconstructing old VHS tapes. A vessel of memory that today is rendered obsolete by new media but once was ubiquitous and an important way of recording our memories, even though VHS tapes were also affected by repetitive use, slightly altered and distorted over time. Using the emptied cassettes we constructed a tower structure that keeps evolving and changing its shape.

A mind’s echo by Jim De Block; Adam Bernstein; Emelie Söderström; Evelina Gustavsson; Moa Sobelius; Nea LandinTilo Stengel

Blue ... Almost transparent
by Jérôme Delbey

Traveling on red vessels to another universe, another truth, where one deliberately gets lost, fooling the senses, indulges, questioning the perceptibility, seeking another absoluteness. A surreal and metaphoric trip through the distortion of the mind triggered by narcotic substances and drug use. Dream-like, nightmare-like … the relativity of reality.

Contains strobe lights and sexual elements.

Jérôme DelbeyJoakim Roos
Blue ... Almost transparent by Jérôme Delbey; Christian Jensen; Sven Hedenskog; Tilda KristianssonTilo Stengel

Simone DeriuTilo Stengel

The Unremarkables
by Simone Deriu

Behind the still surface of ordinary human beings hides a well of unexpected mysterious magic that grows deep in their minds, revealing the Beauty of mankind. Stillness is a meaningful motion.

Adam Seid Tahir; Anna Altès; David Muhr; Simone Deriu: The UnremarkablesTilo Stengel


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2014/2015
  • premiere: 6 Feb 2015
  • Last show: 8 Feb 2015
  • Location:

    Small Stage

  • Length: 1h 40 min incl intermission

Before the distances they pin evaporate

Choreographer   Astrid Boons
Costume design   Aviad Arik Herman
Music   Miguelangel Clerc
Dancers   Josefin Hedman, Emma Rehnberg och Maria Hultgren

The unremarkables

Choreographer   Simone Deriu
Costume design   Aviad Arik Herman
Assistant Choreographer   Tatiana Marchini
Music   Christof Littmann
Dancer   David Muhr, Adam Seid Tahir, Anna Altès (GöteborgsOperans Danskompani)

Blue, almost transparent

Choreographer and Costume design   Jérôme Delbey
Music collage   Various artists
Dancers   Tilda Kristiansson, Sven Hedenskog och Christian Jensen

A mind's echo

Choreographer and Music editing   Jim De Block
Costume design   Aviad Arik Herman
Set design   Jim De Block in collaboration with Rickard Bostrom
Music   Machienfabriek, Robert Henke, Stars of the lid, Emptyset
Dancers   Nea Landin, Evelina Gustavsson, Moa Sobelius, Emelie Söderström och Adam Bernstein