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NUdans 2012

Dance. This double dance,"I Land", sees eight of Sweden's most promising young dancers performing at The Göteborg Opera. Two choreographers from The Göteborg Ballet are each creating a dance piece exclusively for them.

NUdans is a seasonal dance company consisting of eight graduate students selected from Sweden's professional dance schools. During four weeks they will train daily together with The Göteborg Ballet and will work with a set created exclusively for them. The students come from the Ballet Academies in Gothenburg and Stockholm, the Royal Swedish School of Ballet and the University of Dance and Circus.

This year it’s The Göteborg Opera's dancers Hlín Diego Hjalmarsdóttir and Satoko Takahashi that have each created an exclusive dance piece for the students. The choreographers share the fact that they both grew up on islands that have been affected by disasters in recent years: Hlín's homeland Iceland has experienced volcanic eruptions and economic meltdown, while Satoko's Japan has suffered from the natural catastrophy that, among other things, led to the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima. Each of their dance pieces has been based on the feelings of sorrow, hope and reconciliation that both unite and distinguish the people on those islands.

Hlín Diego Hjalmarsdóttir
Foto: Joakim Roos

Hlín Diego Hjalmarsdóttir
“Iceland. Wonderland of contrasts. This mysterious place, with its remarkable light and its unusual colours and formations, allows the imagination to flow free. An island of volcanos, proud, isolated and separated from the rest of the world, sustained by underground power generating the ebb and flow of its natural beauty. Expect the unexpected.”

Foto: Joakim Roos

Satoko Takahashi
“I saw people that had suffered greatly from the natural disaster in Japan in 2011. They had lost their families, their homes, their jobs … I was deeply touched by these people and the way they got on with their lives despite all their hardships. To live can sometimes be harder than to die. But human beings have to keep on living – and they do, believing in the hope that exists beyond their sorrow and pain. It would make me happy if I could convey a positive message through the piece."

I Land


Eina meδöllu
Choreography Hlín Diego Hjalmarsdóttir
Music Þorgrímur Andri Einarsson

Choreography Satoko Takahashi
Music Mashahiro Hiramot, Acidman, Gavze, Does


Sophie Høeg Jensen
Sophie Høeg Jensen (The Ballet Academy in Stockholm)
Louise Dahl
Louise Dahl (The University of Dance and Circus)
Hanna Jansson
Hanna Jansson (The University of Dance and Circus)
Alexander Rosén
Alexander Rosén (The Royal Swedish School of Ballet)
Jimmie Larsson
Jimmie Larsson (The Royal Swedish School of Ballet)
Nathanael Larsson
Nathanael Larsson (The Ballet Academy in Gothenburg)
Knut Vikström Precht
Knut Vikström Precht (The University of Dance and Circus)
Rodrigo Vilarinho
Rodrigo Vilarinho (The University of Dance and Circus)

Artistic Co-ordinator and mentor Rayco Cano Cortes
The production goes on tour to France and Spain from May 10th to May 20th.


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2011/2012
  • premiere: 24 Mar 2012
  • Last show: 25 Mar 2012
  • Location:

    Small Stage