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NUdans 2011

World premiere June 3 2011 on the Small stage.

Dance. Eight promising dance students and three choreographers from The Göteborg Ballet. Together they create Triplex - the box inside out.

At the beginning of June, eight of the most promising young Swedish dancers will take over the Small Stage at the Göteborg Opera. Together they form the seasonal dance company NUDANS. Three choreographers from the Göteborg Ballet, Dan Langeborg, Heather Telford and Ingeborg Zackariassen, will each create a work for the students. The production will be performed twice. The dancers are from the Ballet Academies of Göteborg and Stockholm, the University of Dance and Circus, and the Royal Swedish Ballet School.

Jérôme Delbey from the Göteborg Ballet has created part of the lighting design, together with lighting designer Joakim Brink. Rayco Cano Cortes serves as the artistic coordinator and mentor for the dancers.

The NUDANS concept forms part of the Göteborg Opera project Unga (Young). The Small Stage provides a platform on which new and established talents can meet and develop.


ingenstans by Ingeborg Zackariassen

Dancers: Joakim Envik Karlsson
Anton Rosenberg
Magnus Dovärn

Run/Eat/Water/Food/Fence by Heather Telford

Magnus Dovärn
Emelie Wahlman
Catrin Jonasson

wo ist by Dan Langeborg

Salla Kuusinen
Sanna Jansson
Niki Lindblom Oscarsson


Porträtt 2

Magnus Dovärn Dans- och cirkushögskolan

Sanna Jansson Balettakademin, Stockholm

Anton Rosenberg Kungliga Svenska Balettskolan

Porträtt 1
Joakim Envik Karsson Balettakademin, Göteborg

Catrin Jonasson Balettakademin, Stockholm

Salla Kuusinen Balettakademin

Joakim Envik Karsson Balettakademin, Göteborg


Emelie Andersson Wahlman Danshögskolan

Niki Lindblom Oscarsson Svenska Kungliga Balettskolan


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2010/2011
  • premiere: 3 Jun 2011
  • Last show: 4 Jun 2011
  • Location:

    Small Stage

  • Length: Aprox. 1 tim no pause.


Choreography, "ingenstans"   Ingeborg Zackariassen
Choreography, "Run / Eat / Water / Food / Fence"   Heather Telford
Choreography, "wo ist"   Dan Langeborg
Lighting design   Jérôme Delbey
Lighting design   Joakim Brink
Artistic co-ordinator and mentor   Rayco Cano-Cortes