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Dance. She is a luminary of contemporary dance. Now, Sasha Waltz honours The Göteborg Ballet her poetic and striking work noBody.

Watch a movie clip from noBody

Rehearsal video from noBody

Dance performance by SASHA WALTZ, Music by HANS PETER KUHN Director and choreograph: Sasha Waltz, Set Design: Thomas Schenk, Sasha Waltz , Costume Design: Bernd Skodzig , Light Design: Martin Hauk.

Watch photos from the performance noBody.

Photos from a rehearsal of noBody.

Watch an interview with Sasha Waltz.

Rehearsal video from noBody, dance piece by Sasha Waltz. Music by Hans Peter Kuhn Direction and choreography: Sasha Waltz , Set design: Thomas Schenk, Sasha Waltz Costume design: Bernd Skodzig , Lighting design: Martin Hauk

The first work in her triptych, Körper (Body), portrayed the human anatomy and physique, the following with the title S, examined the origin of life, Eros and sensuality. noBody portrays the human metaphysical dimensions, takes up feelings associated with our mortality and poses the question: What is the immortal in us? In noBody, Waltz and the dancers seek through the body to highlight the spiritual and non-physical.

The body is our cathedral, a bundle or a cocoon, drum or ringing bell. The title noBody means both “no body” and “nobody”. And nobody is completely alone in this dance work where the dancers move in magically, smoothly flowing formations and complex patterns in an awe-inspiring, evocative scenography. Sorrow and seeking divides and unites. When noBody put on a guest performance in Stockholm, one of several enthusiastic reviewers wrote: “ … (noBody) affects very strongly in its simple poetic finesse and imagination. Contours dissolve, the spirit takes flight.” The work can also be seen as a tribute to our ability to hold on to something deeply human within each and every one of us - together. Whereupon the idea of reincarnation runs like an angel through the room.


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2011/2012
  • premiere: 25 Feb 2012
  • Last show: 30 Mar 2012
  • Location:

    Main Stage

  • Length: 1 hour and 45 minutes


Direction and choreography   Sasha Waltz
Set design   Thomas Schenk, Sasha Waltz
Music   Hans Peter Kuhn
Costume design   Bernd Skodzig
Light design   Martin Hauk
The Göteborg Ballet