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Mozarts Requiem

New premiere 12 December.

Dance. It was last season’s great favourite with public and critics alike. Now Mozart’s Requiem is back for seven performances.

Dance preformence by Carina Reich, Bogdan Szyber och Jorma Elo

With Mozart’s Requiem, premiere 20 September 2008, a new chapter was written in The Göteborg Opera’s history. In this production The Göteborg Opera Ballet worked together with all three of the other artistic groups in the building – orchestra, choir and soloists – in what became an extraordinarily beautiful performance and a fantastic success among both critics and public. Night after night the theatre was filled to the last seat.

Watch a clip from the performance 2008/2009.

“GöteborgsOperans Mozart’s Requiem is a real hit” DN

The all-round work of art that is Mozart’s Requiem takes the audience to two parallel worlds in the 1700s of Mozart: in the one the upper class are dancing in their stiff ruffled rococo costumes, in the other an ascetic sect give full expression to their ecstatic religiosity. The creators Carina Reich and Bogdan Szyber illustrate in an ingenious way the fact that Mozart never got to finish his requiem, but died in the middle of the Lacrimosa theme. Eighteen dancers, four song soloists, one boy soprano, eighteen chorus-singers and the whole of The Göteborg Opera’s Orchestra work together in this acclaimed production. The Finnish world-renowned choreographer Jorma Elo is responsible for the choreography.

Israel Aloni
Israel Aloni

The creators Carina Reich and Bogdan Szyber are the authors of the idea behind this production that merges all art forms. Their point of departure is that Mozart, who composed this work on his deathbed, never could complete his death mass but was forced to interrupt his work in the middle of the Lacrimosa theme. At the time of his death his family was virtually destitute and his widow Constanze was forced to try and find someone who could complete the requiem, not least so as to get paid by the patron, a man from the nobility who wished to remain anonymous. Reich and Szyber write: “A Catholic requiem. A sung text in which the singers pray over and over again for forgiveness and mercy on the last day. (...) An artist who, fatally ill, works up until the last minute in order to provide for his family. Who, in spite of his talent ends his days in a nameless grave. Who is born into a society in which the arts are totally dependent on those in power. Exactly like today.”

Mats Bäcker

Mozart’s Requiem, the composer’s very last work, also became Mozart’s own requiem.

The Master died just after two sections had been completed and the student Süssmeyer finished the composition according to Mozart’s previous instructions. The Requiem is always in demand and is a very popular choral work.

On The Göteborg Opera’s Main stage Mozart’s Requiem will be the first dance performance of the season. The music. Mozart. A whole-evening creation. Dancing, naturally. With these terms of reference in mind the multi-artists Bogdan Szyber and Carina Reich have written a synopsis. Furthermore they are also responsible for the direction, the dramaturgy, the scenography and the costumes. One point of departure is the fact that Mozart dies in the middle of creating. Another source of inspiration is the mythical Shaker movement, a puritanical religious sect from the 19th century which is virtually extinct – not so strange since they live in celibacy. As a counterbalance to their strictly curtailed daily life, the Shaker followers abandon themselves to ecstatic dancing in the Sunday Church service.

So, imagine one part middle of nowhere plus two parts rococo from Mozart’s days. Add to this Jorma Elo, one of Finland’s foremost choreographers with the Metropolitan as his home arena.

Elisabeth Wikström.

Mozart, Patrick Migas
Mozart, Patrick Migas


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2009/2010
  • First show: 12 Dec 2009
  • Last show: 29 Dec 2009
  • Location:

    Main Stage

  • Length: 1 h 10 min. No interval
  • Introduction:1 hour before performance, on the Small stage. Limited number of places.
  • Info:Göteborg Opera Main Stage


Conductor   B Tommy Andersson
Direction   Carina Reich och Bogdan Szyber
Dramaturgy   Carina Reich och Bogdan Szyber
Set Design   Carina Reich och Bogdan Szyber
Costume Design   Carina Reich och Bogdan Szyber
Choreography   Jorma Elo
Lighting Design   Linus Fellbom
The Göteborg Opera Ballet
The Göteborg Opera Soloists
The Göteborg Opera Chorus
The Göteborg Opera Orchestra
Child soloist


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