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My Mum is a Dragon

Premiere March 5, 2011 on the Skövde stage.

Opera. What do you do when one day your mum turns into a dragon? Thomas Lindahl and Irena Kraus have created this opera specifically for children.

Musical theatre production in one act by Thomas Lindahl and Irena Kraus.

Watch pictures from the perfromance.

One day Åke's mum is suddenly transformed from her usual stressed self to a dragon. The day when little Åke has to take care of his confused mum, rather than the other way around, develops into a grand adventure full of drama: at the zoo, the doctor's, grandma's, and finally in their own home. The next day mum is back to her usual self, but decides to take the day off work to spend time with Åke.

Pija Lindenbaum has quickly become one of our most beloved authors of children's books. She's already been read by generations of children. Her books have been nominated for the August Award several times. She received it in 2000 for Gittan och gråvargarna (Bridget and the Grey Wolves). As part of our focus on children and young people (read more in the article on page 26), we are proud to be able to offer a completely new music theatre production for primary school students from the entire region, based on one of her most appreciated books: När Åkes mamma glömde bort (When Åke's mum forgot).

Thomas Lindahl, an experienced composer who has created Lindgatan 5 and many other works, has written the music for five singers and four musicians. Irena Kraus wrote the libretto and scenographer Torsten Dahn, whose most recent production at the Göteborg Opera was Chaplin – en lek med allvar (Chaplin - Playing with Gravity), has created the décor and the lighting. We are also very happy that Pija Lindenbaum, who illustrates her own books, wants to add her special touch to the costumes. Musical artist Mia Ringblom Hjertner, responsible for the Young Initiative, will be making her début as a director. In the spectacular role as Åke's mum, we will hear mezzo soprano Ulrika Tenstam. Åke is sung by young tenor Jacob Wistrand. The other three singers, coming from both opera and musical theatre backgrounds, sing a number of different characters in this fantastic story.

Watch a movie from the rehearsal.

Costume sketches by Pija Lindenbaum.

Costume sketches by Pija Lindenbaum.
Costume sketches by Pija Lindenbaum.
Costume sketches by Pija Lindenbaum.

Watch a movie from the season 2010/2011 presentation.


  • Genre: Opera
  • Season: 2010/2011
  • premiere: 5 Mar 2011
  • Last show: 7 May 2011
  • Location:

    Skövde Stage, Skövde

  • Length: 1 hour, no interval.
  • Info:The Göteborgs Opera Skövde stage. Then on tour in the Götaland region and on the GöteborgOpera Small stage.


Director   Mia Ringblom Hjertner
Set- and light design   Thorsten Dahn
Costume design   Pija Lindenbaum

Role list

Åkes mother   Ulrika Tenstam
Åke   Jakob Wistrand
Granny etc.   Ingahill Wagelin
Park Watch   Anders Wängdal
Doctor etc.   Nina Ewald
Per Larsson (Kapellmästare, piano), Björn Bang (slagverk), Viktor Turegård (bas) och Daniel Hedin (trombon)