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Premier 8 May 2010.

Dance. In the opera season 2007/2008 they each had a part in the sold-out box office success production 3×Boléro. Now Johan Inger and Alexander Ekman return to create two new productions exclusively for our dancers.

Dubble bill dance preformance by Johan Inger, Alexander Ekman och Medhi Walerski

Watch a movie from the performance.

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Falter by Johan Inger.

Johan Inger takes us on an explorative journey from chaos to order with nine dancers, 64 ropes and music from, among others, Alva Noto. His suggestive Falter moves from the fleeting to the permanent; from frenzy to a peaceful calm. The former artistic director for the Cullberg Ballet and current resident choreographer at Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) has created his first production exclusively for The Göteborg Ballet.

Johan Inger
Johan Inger

Johan Inger made his breakthrough as a choreographer in 1995 after a very successful dancing career including time spent with Kungliga Baletten in Stockholm and Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT). Inger’s choreographies have won awards in the Netherlands, Scotland and Italy. Between 2003 and 2008 he was the artistic director of Cullbergbaletten and in 2006 he was awarded the Birgit Cullberg scholarship. Since autumn 2009 he has been in-house choreographer for NDT.

La La Land by Ekman/Walerski.

In Ekman/Walerski’s playful La La Land we meet a group of individuals on a self-help course. Using therapeutic exercises they try to find out how to become “better human beings”. Using a combination of dance and spoken dialogue the two choreographers create an accurate and humorous image of humankind’s constant efforts to develop. The music is a collage from, for example, Chopin, Puccini and Akron/Family.

The famous researcher Jill Bolte Taylor has inspired the choreographers with her lecture on her self experienced stroke. IClick here to watch the lecture.

Alexander Ekman
Alexander Ekman

In spite of his mere 25 years, Alexander Ekman has established himself as one of the most interesting Nordic choreographers in contemporary dance. He too, has a past as a dancer with Kungliga Baletten, NDT and Cullbergbaletten. His first production as choreographer took place in 2006 at NDT II. Alexander Ekman works with the integration of several dimensions of modern dance, and readily uses dance and text together. In this creation he cooperates with Medhi Walerski.

Medhi Walerski was educated in classical ballet, modern dance and improvisation and has since danced in the Paris Opera Ballet, the Nice Opera Ballet and Ballet du Rhin in Mulhouse, France. In 2001 he swapped France for Holland and joined the Nederlands Dans Theater as a dancer.

After two years in youth dance company NDT II he moved up to NDTI. His participation in their annual workshops started off his career as a choreographer. The then Artistic Director, Anders Hellström, invited him to create a production for the programme “UpComing Choreographers 2006”; the result of which was Moume. The following year he created Buried Dead or Alive together with Alexander Ekman for dance company C-Scope.

His official debut as a choreographer at NDT was Mammatus, created for NDTII in 2008. Later that year he created the praised Underneath for NDT I. In the summer of 2009 Medhi Walerski started freelancing as a choreographer. In addition to La La Land, he will also create a new production for the Bern Ballet in the spring of 2010.

Medhi Walerski
Medhi Walerski


  • Genre: Dance
  • Season: 2009/2010
  • premiere: 8 May 2010
  • Last show: 22 May 2010
  • Location:

    Main Stage


Costume design ast   Carolina Armenta
Light design   Erik Berglund
   Hlín Diego Hjálmarsdóttir
   Micol Mantini
   Ellah Nagli
   Satoko Takahashi
   Lea Yanai
   Jérôme Delbey
   Hokuto Kodama
   Paul Pui Wo Lee
   Moritz Ostruschnjak
Choreography, set- and costume design   Johan Inger

La La Land

Choreography, set- and costume design   Alexander Ekman
Choreography, set- and costume design   Medhi Walerski
Light design   Joakim Brink
   Angelina Allen
   Delphine Boutet
   Mariko Kida
   Janine Koertge
   Monika Milocco
   Heather Telford
   Anandi Vinken
   Ingeborg Zackariassen
   Andrzej Glosniak
   Erik Johansson
   Sonny Koroschetz
   Toby Kassell
   Dan Langeborg
   Rayco Cano-Cortes
   Fernando Melo
   Patrick Migas
   Mattias Olaison
Speaking role   Mattias Suneson
Pianist   Bernard Matracki