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M.O.D. A Triple Opera

M.O.D. A Triple Opera

A performance for anyone who has discovered that the art of opera did not end with Verdi or Puccini, or anyone who is interested in finding this out themselves.

Opens 7 February at the Göteborg Opera Small Stage
Performed in Skövde in March

Music theatre by Peter Maxwell Davies
This song cycle, a contemporary classic of vocal fireworks, is a musical portrait of England’s King George III(1760-1820), known as ‘The Mad King’. The songs, containing famous quotes by King George III and musical quotes from Handel’s Messiah, is a desperate musical monologue which the King performs before his caged birds, here in the shape of instruments. The existence of the birds was the text writer’s idea, for which he received inspiration from the King’s organ.

Director Maria Larsdotter-Spertina
As the King, Torgny Sporsén

Dramatic cantata by Benjamin Britten
The cantata Phaedra, Benjamin Britten’s last vocal work was composed for Janet Baker in 1975. As in the myth, it is about people consumed with and ruined by their passions. The Phaedra character is one of many Britten characters who share the role as outsiders in society. Phaedra, married to Theseus, falls in love with her stepson and becomes involved with him, with disastrous consequences. When writing this work, Britten found inspiration in Baroque cantatas, which can be observed in the harpsichord accompanying the recitation. The lyrics, written by Britten himself are based on the Racine play.

Director Lars-Eric Brossner
As Phaedra, Pia Svorono

Mono drama in one act by Arnold Schoenberg
A woman is waiting for her lover in a forest. Filled with apprehensions she begins searching for him. She goes through every emotion, from worry to jealousy and despair, in the end stumbling over his dead body. He has been murdered, but by whom?

Director Eva Ingemarsson
As the woman, Grith Fjeldmose

For all three operas:
Conductor Finn Rosengren
Set & Costume Design Monika Frelin
Lighting Anna Wemmert Clausen
Actor Håkan Palm
Musicians from the Göteborg Opera Orchestra


Övergripande regissör och textförfattare Lars-Eric Brossner.
Dirigent: Finn Rosengren.
Scenografi och kostym: Monika Frelin.
Ljusdesign: Anna Wemmert-Clausen.

Eight songs for a Mad King
Opera i en akt av Peter Maxwell Davies

Regi: Maria Larsdotter-Spertina
Kungen: Torgny Sporsén
Skådespelare: Håkan Palm

Scenisk kantat av Benjamin Britten

Regi: Lars-Eric Brossner
Phaedra: Pia Svorono
Skådespelare: Håkan Palm

Melodrama i fyra scenenr av Arnold Schönberg

Regi: Eva Ingemarsson
Kvinnan: Grith Fjeldmose

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  • Genre: Opera
  • Season: 2002/2003
  • Location:

    Small Stage

  • Length: Approx. 90 minutes
  • Info:Göteborg Small Stage