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16/9 - 8/10 Skövdescenen, 1-6/11 Lilla scenen

Lite Lennart...

A fairy-tale cabaret based on texts by Lennart Hellsing.

For children ages 6 - 8. Performed in Swedish. 

Watch a film clip from the show, 2013

Enter the sparkly tunnel that leads to Lennart Hellsing’s wordy universe! In this dazzling imaginary world you’ll find stories, songs, poems and masses of instruments – and four Lennarts.

Lennart Hellsing, 1919–2015, was a beloved and constantly innovative author of books, poems and songs for children. With Herr Gurka, Lapprika Papprika, Krakel Spektakel, Petronella and the others, he always took all children most seriously. A Little Lennart... was first performed at The Göteborg Opera in spring 2013 and was adored by both children and critics alike.

”To have the chance to turn Lennart Hellsing’s texts into musical theatre is a real dream come true. To become immersed in his bewildering, colourful, clever world of language and be rocked to sleep by Herr Gurka or Kusin VItamin. His textual crackers taste sweet and salty at the same time and can swing like a mighty big band or be a more tranquil violin solo.”Mia Ringblom Hjertner

Revival Premiere at The Skövde Stage in Skövde.
Also performed on tour in Västra Götaland.


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