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Lite lennart ... 2013

Young. Lennart Hellsing’s imaginative texts in musical theatre format – a performance for the whole family.


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“To have the chance to turn Lennart Hellsing’s texts into musical theatre is a real dream come true. To become immersed in his bewildering, colourful, clever world of language and be rocked to sleep by Herr Gurka or Kusin VItamin. His textual crackers taste sweet and salty at the same time and can swing like a mighty big band or be a more tranquil violin solo.”

Mia Ringblom Hjertner, Director

Here, Hellsing’s wordy universe is combined with a musical energy that is without parallel. Four artists have no problem showing off this Swedish verbal and musical treasure in the very best light. Maybe we can call the whole thing a cabaret?

Lennart HellsingPhoto: Christian Saltas

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  • Genre: Musical
  • Season: 2012/2013
  • premiere: 1 Mar 2013
  • Last show: 9 Apr 2013
  • Location:

    Skövde Stage, Skövde

  • Length: 50 minutes, no interval.
  • Info:GöteborgsOperan The Skövde stage Auditorium in Skövde


Concept creator and director   Mia Ringblom Hjertner

Takes part

Lars Hjertner
Per Larsson
Ingahlill Wagelin
Viktor Turegård